1. M

    Printing 2 sided with 2 by 2 pages (4 pages per sheet)

    Hi, I newly bought a Canon TS6350 and I really like it. 1. Yesterday I was trying to print a pdf of a book copy (so the text wasn't editable, it was an image). I'm trying to find a way to print 2 pages in one side, then another two in the other side of the paper sheet. (So a total of 4 pages...
  2. damasaid

    Help with my Canon pixma IP 1200 printer (KEEPS BLIK X1 ORANGE X1 GREEN)

    Hi mates and friends around the globe :caf I have a problem with my Canon IP1200 printer it blinks like this pic and I don't have a driver for windows 10 so I cant figure the issue please any help in the nearest time Thanks
  3. X

    Canon PIXMA G7000 series (G7020, G7070, etc) color balance and pale issue

    Hi, i just bought a canon pixma g7000 series, and i found out that the print result although it's quite detail (based on plain paper printing), it lacks the color balance and kinda pale compared to that i got from my previous canon pixma printer (PIXMA MG8100 series) that print on the same plain...
  4. D

    Canon MP540 - PGBK doesn't print anything

    Dear all, I was given a printer - Canon MP540, which works mostly correctly with one exception, the pigment black (PGBK) doesn't produce any output. Printer doesn't print any error messages, ink level for all cartridges is reported correctly, other colors (CMY+photo black) prints correctly, just...
  5. kaicoenen

    Hi there, First post, first question! Clogged Pixma pro-1

    Hi there, if I may, I need some help. Today I picked up a Canon PIXMA Pro-1. It's a used model, and the test print the previous owner tried to make only shows magenta and a tiny bit of cyan. He used to use cheap aftermarket ink cartridges. I have cleaned the machine today. Used paper towel to...
  6. D

    Canon pixma ip8750 unknown part!!!

    Hey everyone! I have a canon pixma ip8750 that has a huge ink spill and left ink everywhere inside the printer. I’ve taken the printer apart but sadly there’s just one part I cannot remember where it goes and cannot see it in my photos, is there anyone out there that can help?? The part is...
  7. depanninfo06

    Service Mode Locked on Canon PIXMA MG6450

    Hello, A customer gave me a Canon PIXMA MG6450 printer to reset the ink meter. I found no problem handling to enter the service mode. Unfortunately, when I do this procedure (6 times for the MG Series), nothing happens neither on the printer nor on the computer, I think my client tinkering...
  8. M

    Canon pixma ip7250 - blinking 3 times

    Hello I wonder if anyone could help me please. I have a Canon Pixma ip7250. It blinks 3 times. white light, orange light... x3 before pausing. I have had a look on Canon's site. "Support Code=1300, 1304, 1311, 1312, 1313 Number of flashes=Three flashes Paper jams" There is no jammed paper...
  9. E

    Canon Pixma MX722 alignment

    I posted this already on a Stack Exchange site, but found out about this place later. I have a Canon Pixma MX722 printer. I purchased new actual Canon cartridges for the thing and installed them. I can see the colors, but even after doing a manual print head alignment the black ink still is not...
  10. The Ragster

    Pro-1 Ink absorber spilling on to rollers

    I have started to notice marks appearing on my prints; mainly on the rear but now significantly visible on the front of the printed image. A look inside reveals that the ink absorber is overflowing and spilling out onto the feed rollers. I have had this printer almost since it was released 7 or...
  11. G

    Canon Pixma ip4300 won't print text and won't print the pgbk test pattern

    Hello, My printing has been looking more and more washed out. Not really deep black on the text and any colors look pale also. I now notice that the ink level of the PGBK has not decreased despite printing for a good bit. I suspect it has been not really working well for a while but still...
  12. G

    Alarm light is alway on Canon PIXMA ip7250

    Hello, Today my printer for no reason turned on alarm light on. I tired plug unplug from wall but after plugin printer back light instantry turns on. Does anyone have any idea what is a problem and how to fix it. Thanks.
  13. PalaDolphin

    Pro-100 Print Performance Anxiety

    Viewing photos on the web at Facebook resolution, most of your work looks great. It's when you print that art where the rubber meets the road. Before I bought this Pro-100 printer I had many photos in mind I wanted to print, some 8x10, but only a handful at 13x19. Now I have doubts. The...
  14. PalaDolphin

    Buying Canon Pixma Pro-100

    ...soon. B&H has a $250 mail-in rebate good through May 31st for Canon printers (at least for the Pro-100 and Pro-10). I'm not quite ready for the Pro-10 but by my next paycheck I'll be able to afford the $379.99 and the six-week wait for the $250 rebate. No sales tax and free shipping. Then...
  15. kdsdata

    Pro-100 Cleaning Page

    There are a number of function available from printer maintenance, to print check pages. What I don't know is whether those pages, or in fact other sample print pages posted in this and other forums, exercise all pins/nozzles. The Pro-100 has some 6400 pins/nozzles, and I would like to be able...
  16. D

    Pixma 6600d / 6700d case removal

    I have a Canon Pixma 6600d (similar externally to the 6700d). I am trying to remove the top case so that I can refresh the waste ink absorber pads. Removal of the side cases and almost all of the top case is easy, but I cannot see how to free the remaining part of the case that sits around (and...
  17. PullMyFinger

    Tiny dots/indentations on printout every 10-15mm or so.. Canon MG5765

    Hi, I am just wondering if anyone can shed some light on what might be the problem here. I have been printing out some photos of my kids with Santa and stuff and have noticed that the printouts have a small line of dots running vertically up and down the printout about every centimetre, they...