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Hello good night

I am new to these topics and I have to explain my problem to you

I have a Canon Pixma Pro 1 printer that has been shut down for about two years.

With his day a print of +/- 15 10x15 photos was scheduled and when he was in the process he started taking all the photos full of magenta ink.

The cartridge was empty, replaced twice more and always with the same result.
An original new head was purchased, but there was no way to mount it.

Now I would like to know if it is worth trying to fix it, as it involves spending money on buying new inks (which are not cheap) and therefore it is something I do not want to do if I am not sure it will work.
Of everything that happened two years ago I have no sample, only the printer, eight cartridges (which I do not even know, if and are all or if they match the colors, as the ones we had new were used for another machine of the same characteristics) and the new head in the box to replace the old one that is still inside the machine.
Do I have a chance to get it working again?

I look forward to your reply to find out what to do with the printer.

Thank you so much
Anyone know the print dialogue settings for the Epson 3880 / 3885 for printing with the Hahnemuehle Bamboo paper ( specifically whether the 'printer controls the colours' or 'photoshop controls the colours')?
Just upgraded my Mac OS to 11.8 ( from 10.4) and also my Adobe to CC ( from CS5) lost calibration. So updated my Hahnemuehle ICC profiles. Hoping this will sort it
Many thanks in advance
I'm a young 74 and like to think of myself as more computer savvy than most of my friends. I like to keep my tech working as long as possible as I don't like unnecessary waste, and particularly despise built in obsolescence. I'll have a few goes at trying to fix things before I give up.