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I have an Epson 9880 with 2 segments of the yellow channel not firing. The prints all look fine. I am wondering what to do. Should I try an Ultrasonic Cleaner? Perhaps inject some magic bullet into the head after removing the dampers? I have replaced the dampers, wiper blade and capping top so far.
I have got links for service tool v1074 and the much better v3400. I have also got a link for a service manual for the MX350. You can have these links and instructions if you start a thread and post your questions in the "Canon Inkjet Printers" forum.
Can you please send me the MX350 printer service tool file V1074 to
I can't find the file anywhere on the internet and need it to fix the error code on my printer. Thank you.
The Hat
The Hat
For a better response to your query, you should post your request in the open forum and put “@” in front of the name:- like @SNIPPY, and you should never have personal details visible to anyone except the member you wish to confer with…