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I'm trying to revive a Canon Pro 1 with the B200 error like you had. I've removed the top but am stuck trying figure how to release the print head or even where the view in the picture below is located. Even if I am able to free the print head, how do you clear the B200 error?

Open to your suggestions,


Pro 1.jpg
Progress. The instructions omitted removing the 3 black screw that holds the side cover. I was able to release the carriage and remove the print head. When I turn it on, I get the 17 yellow flashes which error codes suggest low ink levels.

I there a diagram that shows which ink tubes are which inks colors since I can't install the printer to see a status check?
I just called a 3rd party ink site and they said to run away, that the printer is bad news, they were known for B200 errors out of the box, and said the error would come back.

For someone that could've made money selling me ink, I was impressed with his honesty. Reluctantly, I'll move on.
hello, did you manage to solve the problem in your p400? with error 0x44? thanks for any info!
Hello. Post your email address here (not in the forum). I’ll send you a service manual.
I am Ukrainian and I translate in English as a translator.
Hi Ink stained Fingers.

I am looking at mainly A3+ printers.
I am struggling with printer prices vs. ink costs vs. dye and pigment inks. Epson refrains from mentioning the kind of ink with the ink model numbers, like the 107 inks for the new ET-18100. I don't know Epson does that. like the ET-8550. which is the lowlier Claria premium.

What is the best A3+ printer for the money

Many Thanks

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