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Hello. Post your email address here (not in the forum). I’ll send you a service manual.
I am Ukrainian and I translate in English as a translator.
Hi Ink stained Fingers.

I am looking at mainly A3+ printers.
I am struggling with printer prices vs. ink costs vs. dye and pigment inks. Epson refrains from mentioning the kind of ink with the ink model numbers, like the 107 inks for the new ET-18100. I don't know Epson does that. like the ET-8550. which is the lowlier Claria premium.

What is the best A3+ printer for the money

Many Thanks

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Hi, ink-stained fingers! I hope you are well. I desperately need your help. I am looking at buying an eco tank printer A3+ like the ET-8550 (Claria Premium, I think), the ET-16600 (Durabrite), and the L1800 (T673 inks, Claria?). I need a printer for photos matte. the et-8550 is very popular, maybe pigment inks would be better, which leaves printers like the Epson 16600 with 3 colors. thanks

Ink stained Fingers
Ink stained Fingers
I haven't seen your posting since you didn't place it in one of the regular sections ; there are several printers - A3 - running with 4 inks - like the L1300/ET-14000 and the ET-15000. The L1300 runs with a printhead which takes both dye or pigment inks , the ye inks for the L7750 - Epson 106 inks - are good dye inks. Or you run pigment inks for matte paper - with a matte black ink.