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  • Hello, I am interested in BW/Quadtone printing on an Epson 1500w, I am looking at mixing my own inks to make a K6 set. I can only find LK and LLK in Ultrachrome and not Claria do you think this will work. Please help because I am on a very small budget and I cannot afford to make expensive mistakes. Thank you Glenn.
    So finally i was able to sent you a message but be aware to read the segments in reverse order because of no more than 420 characters at once rule...
    Sorry Admin if i broke in with dirty boots after minute of signing up. I needed this words, being screwed up regarding QTR.
    Thank you, Dan.
    The Hat
    The Hat
    You will get a much better response to your questions, if you post in the open forum and not here in the Profile posts..
    The most strange is the fact that on Youtube find no tutorial videos about QTR, but instead on other disscutions people asking each other how to do and no step by step answers for a real case.
    So i see an uncovered area that may be usefull for more printers ...
    The main reason, to control the channels independently, since i start with grey inks mixed from Inktec Ultrachrome pigment PK, LK, LLK and filled the color and grey carts, alongside with MK for the black channel.
    My name is Puscasu Dan i signed up to Printerknowledge minutes ago ...
    Purchased an Epson 2100 printer, after two months of agony, the head is printing dot by minus a random few.
    I intend to use for BW prints on matte paper with Quad Tone Rip but the bundled user guide is too brief to make succesfully a curve from curve creator tool.
    dear reader,

    i am new to the forum and trying to make my way into printing..
    i bought a secondhand epson 3800 , with an error: contact the service , error 1224

    I read the post of member Pharmacist ( 2011 ) having the same problem.
    I have the manual on hand but don't know exactly were to find the solution

    Could somebody show/tell me where to find the "special and tiny lever"

    Kind Regards,

    The Hat
    The Hat
    You will get a much better response to your requests, if you post in the open forum and not here in the Profile posts..
    Hi Apotheker,
    I do have a Canon i9950.Super solid reliable machine, running with a sponge less CISS for 4 years straight.I ´d like to switch to pigment inks due to the fading issues with dye.
    I ordered a 9500 Pro pigmented ink kit, however the 9500 has grey, photo black and matte black.Which black is preferred for my i9950? You can also mail me directly: uli dot heckmann at me dot com. thank You
    Hi Pharmacist hey I also have the Epson 1500W A3 printer and am reading your post on the fade resistance test, question I use Precision color inks and they fade fast when exposed to sunlight, out of all the tests you did with dye ink which is the best to buy? as I am getting ready to place an order, thank you Chris;)
    Hi there, i have some question about printer epson wf-7525, how to reset the wate ink counters? maybe you could help me ;D
    Thanks, dit is duidelijk. Toevallig enig idee hoe ik de printerkop kan verwijderen of uit de slede krijgen, ik vind geen manier om de kop op de slede zo 'geparkeerd' te krijgen dat hij kan uit genomen worden. het betreft een canon pro1.
    Even op de knop om de patronen te verwisselen drukken, zodat hij in de parkeerstand gaat staan. Patronen eruit halen, rechterhendeltje eruit en printkop cradle eruit halen.
    ik bedoel het hendeltje naar boven trekken.
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