Canon MP540 - PGBK doesn't print anything


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Dec 26, 2020
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Canon Pixma MP540
Ok, so I took apart the printer and managed to inspect the purge unit. I didn't remove it, as it seemed, that lot of parts are attached to it and I wasn't sure, that I would be able to put it back together. However, after I detached main printer body from the bottom cover, I could access bottom of purge unit. I disconnect all hoses and dismantled the pump and cleaned everything. Two hoses for PGBK ink pump were completely blocked with dried ink - this was the cause of the problem. After I put it back together (only 2 screws left! :) ) the printer works as new. I also applied new grease and washed ink absorbent pads and dried them as I didn't have spare parts. (I have yet to reset waste ink counter.)
I learned a lot during the process and I would like to thank you all for the useful advices. The result is perfectly working printer (+scanner) which would otherwise end up in the trash.