1. H

    How painful/how much work to replace solenoid on HP CP2025?

    Hi everyone: I have an HP CP2025 that is still not picking up paper even after replacing the pickup rollers and separation pads. Apparently, it's due to a solenoid which gets stick from the padding eventually wearing. You can just put paper in between the solenoid tab and the solenoid, but I'm...
  2. G

    Laser Printer Repair Help - Only printing vertical strips

    I have a Samsung Xpress sl-c460fw that only prints about an inch wide strip on the left hand side of the page. I wanted help figuring out which part is likely malfunctioning so I can replace it. I've look into buying replacements of the Imaging Unit (Drum) and the Transfer belt unit, but don't...
  3. K

    Help Finding Replacement Pins for Workforce Pro WF-4734

    My Workforce Pro WF-4734 is not recognizing ink cartridges I put in it. The next thing I want to try is replacing the pins that touch the cartridge's ID chip. However, I cannot find that part available anywhere. The 4 distributors recommended by Epson do not list the part on their websites, as...
  4. D

    Canon MP540 - PGBK doesn't print anything

    Dear all, I was given a printer - Canon MP540, which works mostly correctly with one exception, the pigment black (PGBK) doesn't produce any output. Printer doesn't print any error messages, ink level for all cartridges is reported correctly, other colors (CMY+photo black) prints correctly, just...
  5. I

    Epson Stylus Color 800 Carriage error

    Hello. This is a new problem for me I wanted to leanr more about printer repair but there just is not enough material to do so. I have had this for over 15 years and is pretty reliable. Stepper motors work fine so does the paper feed. When the Printer starts up the carriage goes through its...
  6. fineartphil

    Epson 7890 Conundrum

    After running an (initial fill) with internal cleaning solution and many many cleanings I am still missing the center of my Yellow channel. There also seems to be some overlap on the Yellow channel as well, I have uploaded a jpeg of my most recent nozzle check. I am going under the assumption my...