1. KoaBrook

    Canon ip8750 - smudges on bottom corners of print

    Hi there, I own a Canon Pixma ip8750 printer which I use for art prints. Today, it began smudging black ink onto the bottom corners of each print. The print size is 5" x 7" I am using genuine OEM ink cartridges, both an older set and a brand-new set just to test and the problem exists on both...
  2. J

    White spots / dust issue, how to eliminate?

    Hi, I am using a Canon iP8750 and around 1 in 3 prints are ruined by dust (ink not hitting the paper so leaves a white spot). They are small, but still, I sell these prints so want them to be perfect. I am trying to be as careful as possible, keeping the paper boxed and loading just before...
  3. depanninfo06

    Looking for Canon Référence : QK2-0247 Scanner Maxify MB5450

    Hello, I have a new problem, a customer brought me a Canon Maxify MB5450. It is a black band when scanning and copying. I disassembled the printer to find the reference of the part (the scanner module), the reference is QK2-0247 2090401570 next to the barcode when searching on Google I found...
  4. depanninfo06

    Service Mode Locked on Canon PIXMA MG6450

    Hello, A customer gave me a Canon PIXMA MG6450 printer to reset the ink meter. I found no problem handling to enter the service mode. Unfortunately, when I do this procedure (6 times for the MG Series), nothing happens neither on the printer nor on the computer, I think my client tinkering...
  5. M

    Printer is wrinkling and also folding corner on top right paper when I print from tray

    I have a Canon imageCLASS 5770 all-in-one monochrome laser printer running on Windows 7 that I bought in 2006. I had always used Canon and Staples brand toner cartridges, and it was fine. Last year I used one discount cartridge from Amazon, and it was also fine. I recently just tried two...
  6. M

    Canon pixma ip7250 - blinking 3 times

    Hello I wonder if anyone could help me please. I have a Canon Pixma ip7250. It blinks 3 times. white light, orange light... x3 before pausing. I have had a look on Canon's site. "Support Code=1300, 1304, 1311, 1312, 1313 Number of flashes=Three flashes Paper jams" There is no jammed paper...
  7. KasperDM

    How to find and trust iP4500 X replacement print head

    Dear all, Hope you are well. I recently bought a secondhand Pixma iP4500 X over ebay. User said it worked perfectly. I just installed it and connected it to my mac and I got error 1401 - print head error. I read this thread and learned that this means my print head is dead. I also learned...
  8. G

    Have I bricked my G2000?

    Hi all, I was experiencing severe print head misalignments with my G2000 (Color portion) which could not be fixed with manual and automatic alignment, and therefore cleaned the interiors and attempted to 'reset the printer to factory defaults' because I took the print heads out and the ink...
  9. R

    For sale: Canon ipf6300 $975

    I am selling my Canon ipf6300 printer. It is in perfect running condition. I was very pleased with the printer, but decided to upgrade to a 44" Canon for larger prints. The printer and print heads are in perfect working condition. Nozzle check printout available. Perfect! The nozzle check is...
  10. W

    Will firmware auto update when install MX925, thereby disable 3rd-prty carts?

    Hi, A question about my MX925, if anyone can help. When I install it on my Win 7 laptop, will it instantly update the firmware (from whatever version Win 7 has), in its back and forth communication with Canon, or is it safe to plug it in and let the wifi on the printer and the laptop do their...
  11. C

    St4905 Canon Reset Tool

    Hi all, I am still looking to download a version of the canon reset tool st4905 or newer. Can anyone share a link of where this might be available? Or does anyone have a copy they are willing to send me? Many thanks, Matt.
  12. The Ragster

    Weird colour banding on Pro-1

    When I rebuilt my printer after fitting my Potty, the nozzle check and first prints were as perfect as before. Then I decided to do a A3+ (SuperB) print and noticed horizontal banding. It seems to be getting worse with every print. Attached are the new nozzle checks on both plain and Oyster...
  13. The Ragster

    Pro-1 Ink absorber spilling on to rollers

    I have started to notice marks appearing on my prints; mainly on the rear but now significantly visible on the front of the printed image. A look inside reveals that the ink absorber is overflowing and spilling out onto the feed rollers. I have had this printer almost since it was released 7 or...
  14. F

    My introduction

    Hello People If you have problem about Canon printer. I want to help your problem with it. I want to start to solve your problem with canon drivers.
  15. PalaDolphin

    Canon Matte Paper MP101 profile missing

    So, I get a 404 error on Precision Colors' website when trying to download a color profile for this older paper. What do you guys recommend as an alternative?
  16. estqwerty

    Hi from Bulgaria

    Hi I am searcing for any canon IPF wisdoms ... I am autocad drafter so usualy I print only stright lines up to A1 sizes. Currently I have a Canon IPF670. I still using OEM starter cartiges (pfi-107), but now have some warning messiges to prepare a new ones... The new ones are crazy expensive...
  17. X

    Bulk ink to Canon imageprograf IPF 670/680/685/770/780/785

    Hello I have a Canon plotter Imageprograf IPF670, I want to use bulk ink. Because I only need it for CAD drawings and simple things. and the original cartridges are too expensive for what I want to print. Please users who have any of these models : Canon imageprograf IPF...
  18. G

    Canon Pixma ip4300 won't print text and won't print the pgbk test pattern

    Hello, My printing has been looking more and more washed out. Not really deep black on the text and any colors look pale also. I now notice that the ink level of the PGBK has not decreased despite printing for a good bit. I suspect it has been not really working well for a while but still...
  19. H

    Canon Imageclass D1350 makes stuttering/grinding noise

    Hi: I recently had paper jam errors with my Imageclass D1350. I replaced the cassette pickup roller and separation pad, and that fixed the jam problem nicely. However, since I did that, the copier is now making a sort of pulsed grinding noise "Hem Hem HEm" when it starts up and whenever...
  20. G

    Alarm light is alway on Canon PIXMA ip7250

    Hello, Today my printer for no reason turned on alarm light on. I tired plug unplug from wall but after plugin printer back light instantry turns on. Does anyone have any idea what is a problem and how to fix it. Thanks.