1. D

    Have you ever had success with a refurbished printhead?

    So I was given an ancient i9900 with the "5-blinks" bad printhead error. I mean, why not? I'd love to have a chipless medium format dye printer in rotation. So I bought a "tested" QY6-0055 printhead from an Amazon seller, and of course it's clogged up worse than the public restrooms at a...
  2. E

    GI-53 Inks with Pixma IP8750 - Is it Possible?

    Hi everyone, As a new member here, I wanted to start by saying hello to this knowledgeable community. I've been browsing through various threads looking for some advice related to printer inks and cartridges, but I couldn't quite find the answer I needed, so I thought I'd make a post. My main...
  3. E

    Canon GI-53 ink in Ip8750 - Possible?

    Hi everyone, As a new member here, I wanted to start by saying hello to this knowledgeable community. I've been browsing through various threads looking for some advice related to printer inks and cartridges. Whilst I did find a post by a user named "swordfish", (...
  4. P

    Seeking Advice on Replacement Ink Cartridges for Canon TS8350

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post here. I'm reaching out to seek some guidance and recommendations regarding compatible ink cartridges for my Canon TS8350 printer. Up until recently, I had been using these
  5. rounakr94

    Printer stopped printing Magenta. Black also not clean and has white line in test

    Hi, I have a Pixma G2010 and suddenly after a week or so it stopped printing Magenta colour (Not even a micro dot of magenta), the black colour also has a white line of some sort as per the nozzle print page but that maybe because of the no magenta colour. I have attached nozzle test of FEB 2023...
  6. Kampy

    Recommendations for refill kit + chip resetter for Canon 251XL ?

    After spending all day trying to clear a code 1410 (cartridge not recognized) on my Canon Pixma iX6820 to no avail, until I drove to my local Staples for $85 worth of OEM XL carts... I now suspect that my remaining stock of cheap 3rd party carts ("Paeolos" brand) won't work. I know OEM Canon...
  7. websnail

    Canon G5050 - waste ink kit install [Feedback Pls]

    For the avoidance of doubt on this, yep, there is a commercial product but the purpose of this post is to solicit, nay beg for, feedback on this video with particular emphasis on two key questions: Does it terrify the end-user and leave them running for the local recycling centre to dump their...
  8. E

    Canon i960 print head leak

    Here's what happened. The i960 had been great at not drying out, in spite of very infrequent use. Recently it began to show streaks in the nozzle check and some of the tanks looked empty, so I decided to try a cleaning and refill it with aftermarket ink. This was a 6 color CoYlBod Dye Refill...
  9. Kampy

    Why does it only print sharp if I choose "Plain Paper"?

    Hey friends... A few months ago I posted here re: my Canon Pixma iX6820, which had started printing black ink all wonky / misaligned. ( here's that post: ) The consensus seemed to be a bad...
  10. Alvin777

    How Long Maximum Could You Submerge the Heads in the Cleaning Solution?

    Hello, I have a Canon MP287. Both the color and black cartridges, some of it's nozzles are closed (has lines in the test print). I've tried deep cleaning about 5 to 9 times straight but it's still the same and other methods like sucking using a suction device. I did buy a cleaning solution...
  11. T

    Brand new Canon printhead nozzle check problems

    Hi, I had issues with my Canon Pixma IX6850 printhead. I tried cleaning it multiple times and it still appeared clogged, then I decided to change the printhead with an original brand new printhead from Canon. When I installed the brand new printhead, I got similar clogged issues on the nozzle...
  12. websnail

    Pro-300 refill videos now up

    I normally don't plug anything remotely like this but as I really just want some kudos (I hope!) for the effort and hard work I thought I'd share it more directly and risk the wrath of the fire axe wielding mods for once. I've completed a set of four videos all relating to the Pro-300 covering...
  13. M

    Fade-resistant bulk ink options for XP15000 (what combination)

    Hi all, about two years ago I started refilling my XP15000 with third-party ink (Inktec from eBay, CMYKRGy). It resulted in severe colour differences compared to OEM, but after profiling (i1pro) it performs excellent. It does not clog or stain, works straight after power up even after 3 months...
  14. rounakr94

    Does Canon PG-BK ink expire past the listed dates?

    Hello, I have a 5year old Canon Pixma E510. I use this printer just for home prints occasionally (10ish pages weekly). My current ink cartridge has around 20% ink left and since this is a old model there are no OEM replacement cartridges available anymore. I am used to refill the colour...
  15. C

    Blue hue when printing black (Canon Pixma iX6850)

    Hi all, I'd appreciate some help. I recently have noticed that when I'm printing black images, there is a very faint - but noticeable blue hue around the edges (as seen in photo below) I've taken the printer apart and deep cleaned the printer heads and it's still doing it. Any other...
  16. artprint1

    Need a printer for 10,000 (moderate quality) 13x19 prints a year

    Thanks for reading my post! We've had a decade of bad printer luck and I'm hoping you guys can recommend a good alternative. About Us We print 13x19 art prints -- on 13x19 pre-cut canvas inkjet paper. Can't change this requirement. e.g. we can't use printer rolls. We need to print about...
  17. E

    Prints come out faded Canon imageclass mf644cdw

    I’ve changed toners, it’s full every single one, I’ve added ink density, I’ve done differnt paper. Cleaning condensation I’m litterly lost at this point
  18. M

    Printing 2 sided with 2 by 2 pages (4 pages per sheet)

    Hi, I newly bought a Canon TS6350 and I really like it. 1. Yesterday I was trying to print a pdf of a book copy (so the text wasn't editable, it was an image). I'm trying to find a way to print 2 pages in one side, then another two in the other side of the paper sheet. (So a total of 4 pages...
  19. damasaid

    Help with my Canon pixma IP 1200 printer (KEEPS BLIK X1 ORANGE X1 GREEN)

    Hi mates and friends around the globe :caf I have a problem with my Canon IP1200 printer it blinks like this pic and I don't have a driver for windows 10 so I cant figure the issue please any help in the nearest time Thanks
  20. C

    Blurred/ faded horizontal line (only on certain colours) on Canon iX6850

    Okay, so this may seem a silly question and I apologise in advance, but I'm lost at this point... My printer is printing beautifully - for most colours - however some come out with a horizontal smudge/ fade about an inch from the bottom. (Photo attached). I've tried everything I can possible...