1. C

    Blue hue when printing black (Canon Pixma iX6850)

    Hi all, I'd appreciate some help. I recently have noticed that when I'm printing black images, there is a very faint - but noticeable blue hue around the edges (as seen in photo below) I've taken the printer apart and deep cleaned the printer heads and it's still doing it. Any other...
  2. artprint1

    Need a printer for 10,000 (moderate quality) 13x19 prints a year

    Thanks for reading my post! We've had a decade of bad printer luck and I'm hoping you guys can recommend a good alternative. About Us We print 13x19 art prints -- on 13x19 pre-cut canvas inkjet paper. Can't change this requirement. e.g. we can't use printer rolls. We need to print about...
  3. E

    Prints come out faded Canon imageclass mf644cdw

    I’ve changed toners, it’s full every single one, I’ve added ink density, I’ve done differnt paper. Cleaning condensation I’m litterly lost at this point
  4. M

    Printing 2 sided with 2 by 2 pages (4 pages per sheet)

    Hi, I newly bought a Canon TS6350 and I really like it. 1. Yesterday I was trying to print a pdf of a book copy (so the text wasn't editable, it was an image). I'm trying to find a way to print 2 pages in one side, then another two in the other side of the paper sheet. (So a total of 4 pages...
  5. damasaid

    Help with my Canon pixma IP 1200 printer (KEEPS BLIK X1 ORANGE X1 GREEN)

    Hi mates and friends around the globe :caf I have a problem with my Canon IP1200 printer it blinks like this pic and I don't have a driver for windows 10 so I cant figure the issue please any help in the nearest time Thanks
  6. C

    Blurred/ faded horizontal line (only on certain colours) on Canon iX6850

    Okay, so this may seem a silly question and I apologise in advance, but I'm lost at this point... My printer is printing beautifully - for most colours - however some come out with a horizontal smudge/ fade about an inch from the bottom. (Photo attached). I've tried everything I can possible...
  7. A

    Your thoughts on Sponge-less Canon PGI-250 CLI-251 Refillable Cartridges? Spongeless

    Hello again, Here's another mystery that's been gnawing at me. I couldn't find any videos about these, actually I couldn't find a single article on the internet that even mentioned these. Have any of you ever seen or used spongeless Canon PGI-250 CLI-251 Refillable Cartridges? They look just...
  8. A

    I need advice on refilling Canon CLI 251 ink cartridge CLI-251xl

    Hello and Happy New Year I read this thread, it's similar to my question, only it refers to a different Canon printer. This is my first post on here...
  9. X

    Canon PIXMA G7000 series (G7020, G7070, etc) color balance and pale issue

    Hi, i just bought a canon pixma g7000 series, and i found out that the print result although it's quite detail (based on plain paper printing), it lacks the color balance and kinda pale compared to that i got from my previous canon pixma printer (PIXMA MG8100 series) that print on the same plain...
  10. D

    Canon MP540 - PGBK doesn't print anything

    Dear all, I was given a printer - Canon MP540, which works mostly correctly with one exception, the pigment black (PGBK) doesn't produce any output. Printer doesn't print any error messages, ink level for all cartridges is reported correctly, other colors (CMY+photo black) prints correctly, just...
  11. E

    Canon Pixma iX6850 CISS

    Hi, I have a Canon Pixma iX6850. I am using this printer to print images/pictures but using the genuine canon inks are costly. After some research, I found out CISS for printers. I am wondering if they are reliable for picture printing and is there any CISS system for Pixma iX6850 and good ink...
  12. kaicoenen

    Hi there, First post, first question! Clogged Pixma pro-1

    Hi there, if I may, I need some help. Today I picked up a Canon PIXMA Pro-1. It's a used model, and the test print the previous owner tried to make only shows magenta and a tiny bit of cyan. He used to use cheap aftermarket ink cartridges. I have cleaned the machine today. Used paper towel to...
  13. R


    So in this quarantine I decided to setup my printer and get my life together. I got new ink all around, and this is what my nozzle check looks like. I have done everything I can possibly think of and am tuckered out. Please tell me somebody can help me :/
  14. TamiS

    Canon Pixma MX922 Printing Issues - Banding? Pinstripes?

    Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone here can help me with a problem I'm having with my Canon Pixma MX922. I'm getting tiny, thin lines, like pinstripes thru everything I print. I noticed this problem a couple weeks ago. Since then I've tried cleaning the nozzles multiple times, deep cleaning...
  15. D

    Canon pixma ip8750 unknown part!!!

    Hey everyone! I have a canon pixma ip8750 that has a huge ink spill and left ink everywhere inside the printer. I’ve taken the printer apart but sadly there’s just one part I cannot remember where it goes and cannot see it in my photos, is there anyone out there that can help?? The part is...
  16. S

    Purchase help for Small Business

    Hello all, So glad I've stumbled onto this web. Everybody here seems nice n very informative. :)) I'm in Bangladesh and so, we have very limited choice when it comes to printers and even less information on them available online. But, since the pros are here - I think you guys can help make my...
  17. KoaBrook

    Canon ip8750 - smudges on bottom corners of print

    Hi there, I own a Canon Pixma ip8750 printer which I use for art prints. Today, it began smudging black ink onto the bottom corners of each print. The print size is 5" x 7" I am using genuine OEM ink cartridges, both an older set and a brand-new set just to test and the problem exists on both...
  18. J

    White spots / dust issue, how to eliminate?

    Hi, I am using a Canon iP8750 and around 1 in 3 prints are ruined by dust (ink not hitting the paper so leaves a white spot). They are small, but still, I sell these prints so want them to be perfect. I am trying to be as careful as possible, keeping the paper boxed and loading just before...
  19. depanninfo06

    Looking for Canon Référence : QK2-0247 Scanner Maxify MB5450

    Hello, I have a new problem, a customer brought me a Canon Maxify MB5450. It is a black band when scanning and copying. I disassembled the printer to find the reference of the part (the scanner module), the reference is QK2-0247 2090401570 next to the barcode when searching on Google I found...
  20. depanninfo06

    Service Mode Locked on Canon PIXMA MG6450

    Hello, A customer gave me a Canon PIXMA MG6450 printer to reset the ink meter. I found no problem handling to enter the service mode. Unfortunately, when I do this procedure (6 times for the MG Series), nothing happens neither on the printer nor on the computer, I think my client tinkering...