Canon G5050 - waste ink kit install [Feedback Pls]


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Oct 27, 2005
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Thanks. I agree, I think the air comes in at the printhead end. In fact, as soon as you open the printhead holder so that the contact between the supply tubes and the top of the printheads is broken, air quickly goes in and the ink retreats back towards the reservoirs.
Yeah, Canon haven't incorporated a one way valve into their design which is a bit annoying.

I'll give that a go. Before touching the printhead holder, I will clamp down the tubes to minimise air ingress.
Was just about to suggest that last. I used that approach on a G4511 but as it doesn't have a maintenance/ship clamp I used some plastic forceps to crimp the tubes. Was able to remove the black printhead for manual cleaning that way.


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Mar 7, 2022
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This is my concern...having invested last year in a Canon G3501 Megatank because it seemed a sensible financial decision compared to continuing to purchase expensive cartridges. Now, with some experience, I am doubting the decision.

When I still had a cartridge-based Canon inkjet, the ink would dry out from infrequent use and I'd have to frequently perform clean and/or deep clean, dumping much of the ink in the absorbers and thus decimating the page numbers per cartridge.

Now with the Megatank the infrequent use seems to instead cause regular issues of air in tubes. Until I realised this, I was performing cleans and deep cleans. Eventually, even this did not help so I went on a hunt for the head, etc. I noticed the air in the tubes and took to using a syringe to pull back the ink all the way to the heads. That fixes the issue and avoids dumping further ink into the ink absorbers, but if it has to be repeated every time the printer has been out of use for a week, I am not sure I want to keep it up.

Two questions:
1. Is a nozzle check print every day (or every other day) likely to cause enough movement in the ink to prevent this issue (air in tubes) from occurring?
2. Are Epson printers less prone to this issue (problems caused by infrequent use)?
Exactly, I am also facing the same issue. Mine is a Pixma G2010. I have to print every week or else the ink tubes get full of air and the nozzles then clog up.
Now I am thinking of selling off this printer and getting a Laser or Cartridge based printer as the headache I am getting with this printer is Insane.