1. websnail

    Canon G5050 - waste ink kit install [Feedback Pls]

    For the avoidance of doubt on this, yep, there is a commercial product but the purpose of this post is to solicit, nay beg for, feedback on this video with particular emphasis on two key questions: Does it terrify the end-user and leave them running for the local recycling centre to dump their...
  2. Keith Cooper

    A look at the G550 (and print for the G650/620 et al.)

    I've just published a look at printing with the G550 It's very much aimed at seeing what I could get from this little printer despite the lack of driver and forced use of the AirPrint driver on the Mac I've produced loads of...
  3. T

    Seeking advice on a suitable Canon printer for home photo printing

    Hello everyone, I am a new member of the PK community. I have been a photography hobbyist for a while. But never had the discipline to pick up my camera regularly. In this lockdown situation, I have found my sanity behind the lens again. Now, I am planning to print some of my work, purely for...