1. S

    Pro-300 Ink GY

    I am having a very hard time finding ink for the Canon Pro-300. Specifically the GY does not seem to be available (I have checked Amazon and other online resellers). Any suggestions? Thank you!
  2. kaicoenen

    Hi there, First post, first question! Clogged Pixma pro-1

    Hi there, if I may, I need some help. Today I picked up a Canon PIXMA Pro-1. It's a used model, and the test print the previous owner tried to make only shows magenta and a tiny bit of cyan. He used to use cheap aftermarket ink cartridges. I have cleaned the machine today. Used paper towel to...
  3. C

    What is a photo black cartridge for?

    If you print photos (on photo paper) then you use the dye-based black (denoted K often times I gathered) instead of the pigment-based black (Bk). Now when does this "photo black" actually get used? Is it only for the parts of the photo where it is completely black ("true black")? Or does it also...
  4. PalaDolphin

    Pro 9000 vs Pro-100 ink?

    A fellow camera club member is selling his unopened Canon CLI-8 ink cartridges for $8 each because his Pro 9000 died. First, I'd like to extend an offer to any PrinterKnowledge member who is interested in purchasing these cartridges. I would have to check with the seller first, of course...
  5. mtw1

    Ink Usage for Epson P800 on different quality settings.

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if the print quality settings for an Epson P800 make a difference to the ink usage, specifically the difference between the 'quality' and 'max quality' settings . I emailed Epson about this and they said: "There is no difference in the ink usage...
  6. J

    Primera LX900 chips and ink refill advice needed

    Hi, I just got a deal on 2 lx900 printers. I will be using one use chips and refill ink.I have a few questions if anyone here has any experience with this printer model. Does anyone know if I can reuse the chips after I have finished on one printer on the other printer. I'm printing pp...
  7. G

    HP Designjet 500 plus - magenta ink fails - but only on long prints

    Hello. I am wondering of anyone can guide me a little on this please. I have an HP Designjet 500 which is running still on original HP inks (albeit old ones) and generally speaking the printer produces excellent quality prints all things considered. About a month ago, for the first time ever...
  8. PalaDolphin

    Tax Refund, Precision Colors inks

    WOO WHOOOOOO! My federal tax refund finally came! I'm ordering refill ink from Precision Colors for my Canon Pro-100!
  9. S

    Looking for great 3rd party inks for a Canon Pro-1000

    I have a Canon Pro-1000 that seems to "eat" ink, especially the chroma optimizer. Does anyone know of a good solution for this problem. Inexpensive refils, perhaps? I use the printer infrequently, so it naturally goes through cleaning cycles, whether it needs it or not.
  10. demoeb

    Dream printer acquired! Epson R2400

    Hi everyone! I have just arranged to pick up another inkjet.. my dream printer! An Epson Stylus Photo R2400! I've bought 2 inkjets in past 6 months.. Canon MG2965 - cheap and OK, can be refilled BUT it's very poor quality, wouldn't waste paper on it to do photos. I then bought an Epson...
  11. The Ragster

    Pro-1 Ink absorber spilling on to rollers

    I have started to notice marks appearing on my prints; mainly on the rear but now significantly visible on the front of the printed image. A look inside reveals that the ink absorber is overflowing and spilling out onto the feed rollers. I have had this printer almost since it was released 7 or...
  12. C

    Bulk Inks for Canon MG5720

    Hi all, I have a Canon MG5700 series printer fitted with a CISS. The continuous ink system is connected to the original ink cartridges which are of type PGI-270 / CLI-271. Can anyone recommend a suitable brand and type of bulk ink that would be compatible with this cartridge type? Many...
  13. E

    unable to reset waste ink counter

    title should say it all, having hard time with it, first time i tried with service tool v3400, then tried 49... versions, now im even struggling to get into service mode. also i have looked around in the forums here, nothing seems to help, google aint helping also printer is canon mg 2450 is...
  14. mtw1

    Canon Pixma iP4850 ink smear problem.

    Hi, I've been printing some cards on my Canon Pixma iP4850. The card paper is 300 gsm and I printed out quite a few successfully untli it started smearing the bottom left cromer of the print (top right corner of the card as it goes into the printer when you look at the printer from the front)...
  15. ITEC

    Greetings from Toronto, Canada

    Hello all, Nice to have finally found time to be part of this great site just haven't been here in awhile took time to grow my business and establish strong customer base. If anyone has any questions or concerns feel to drop me a message, support and client service is #1 in my books I been in...
  16. BlueToBits

    Filling CMY cartridges with black ink to get opaque black?

    Hi. I need to print black on transparency as opaquely as possible using a HP7500 E910 printer. It's a back-lit sign with clear letters on a black background 400mm x 300mm. I have worked out how to force the printer to print a composite black using CMYK which works best for the self-adhesive...
  17. wannaby

    Workaround to print with PK Photo Black on Epson 3800 3880 with Leaking Black ink problem

    Hello… I recently discovered your informative forum while researching a problem with my “vintage” Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer and thought it was time to join. Following forum guidelines, I’ll try to be forthcoming, while hopefully not providing unnecessary information. If the background info...
  18. A

    Will Epson empty ink sensor work with compatible cartridge?

    I have Epson printer Workforce Pro wf-5620dwf. I'm using aftermarket compatible cartridges. After nagging for ages about the cyan ink cartridge being empty or nearly empty, eventually it has decided it is completely empty. It allowed printing in black and white only for a while, before now...
  19. D

    Epson Strategy

    Hi After the Ecotank printer series, I believe Epson launched the xp series, but this printers do not bring any continuos ink system supply. Does Epson intend to return to the cartridges? Thanks
  20. D

    Generic ink for Epson Printers

    Hi For some prints I do, the requirements of quality are low, it is just text or code. So I used to use genereic ink with a CISS and printers like Epson Workforce 30, 7510, 3520, but now I need a new printer for that job and I'm thinking about Epson printers in L or Xp series, my question is...