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    Thank you, thank you, thank, just what I wanted to hear.:woot:woot
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    Okie dokie, here's a newbie question for you. Everything I read here seems to suggest refilling all carts even if they aren't empty. Does that mean you top off old carts as opposed to dumping the ink still in the cart and refilling? Isn't that a waste of whatever savings you get from...
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    Canon Pixma Pro 10 Refilling

    Thanks for the info. Very helpful to know the why behind the procedure!
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    Canon Pro-100 refilling cycle

    Hi Joe, I know the conventional wisdom is to fill them all when one is low but I've never understood why this is true. Seems like you would waste more ink than you would save by using the OEM carts??? Could you please explain why, without too much technical input. lol Thanks1
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    Pro-10 blend Precision Colors and OEM

    @hat are you saying only the Canon OEM cartridges will work in the Pixma Pro 100? Have I just wasted a lot of money getting a full replacement set from Precision Colors? Thanks, Thom
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    Help with printing out of LR & PS

    Hi All, I think I wasn't clear enough in what I need. I have my Pro 100 and a Canon MX922 both hooked into my computer and my wi-fi. My delimmna is that Im not sure what settings I should be using in my post processing software. Do I tell the printers to let Adobe manage color, etc..
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    Help with printing out of LR & PS

    Thanks, Roy, I am on a Mac Yosemite. Any thoughts?
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    Help with printing out of LR & PS

    I see all these questions and solutions (suggestions) for the Pro 100 and other printers and I'm still at an almost total loss as to how to set up my LR CC, PS CC, and Bridge to print. Can anyone direct me to a eBook or even a paperback book that explains how to print in general and more...
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    When all other cleaning methods have failed...the last cleaning method to try.

    Will look forward to your method for using bleach.
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    Pixma Pro 100 print problem

    Hi Deccma, No, as of yet I have not experienced the problem but I like to read all the post on the Pro 100 just in case I do encounter the same problems. Hope you are enjoying your trip.
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    Pixma Pro 100 print problem

    I too have a Pro 100 and would like to follow this thread.
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    New PrinterKnowledge header image

    While I'm no where near the expert most of you guys (are there any gals here?) are :ducI think #1 is a very clean and well thought out header for printing. :caf On the other hand #4 also represents "inking" very well also. I really appreciate all the help i have gotten from this site. :woot.
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    Loading Problem

    Hi Hat, Yes, it would be Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite. Would that make a difference?
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    Loading Problem

    I admit I don't use my Pro 100 very often but I wanted to yesterday. I believe I did everything correctly and was attempting to print using Photoshop CC. No matter what I tried I kept getting a message on the computer screen that said it was printing and at the same time it read "load paper."...