Ever Wanted to Learn to use Photoshop ?


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Nov 5, 2004
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Photoshop is a drug. Everyone bows deferentially and presumes one absolutely must be able to use all of its (mostly useless) functions. As I've mentioned on other threads, I totally lack the Adobe gene. Nothing, in any of their programs, is even slightly intuitive for me. And that's not even getting into the cost.

For most digital photographers, PS is total overkill. Yes, some images may be improved by the many tools, layer functions, etc. But mostly, not so much. Most routine improvements are to be had with thinks like auto color, auto level, manual versions of the same, sharpening, etc. Simple stuff. Pretty much, best as I understand, Adobe Lightroom does. (Great name!)

Why PS, other than everyone kneels before it? Look up: "iconoclast."
I'm not sure where to start with my comments! First of all, I don't take PS as a drug - it is just a tool. I've never genuflected to anything or anyone. I just use what works for me. As to cost, PSE is $70 or less online. Although I do see free downloads to ADOBE Lightroom the purchase price on some sites is just under $80 although it lists for around $150.

No need to look up iconoclast - it is a person who criticizes or opposes beliefs and practices that are widely accepted. I assume your are identifying yourself as an iconoclast regarding this discussion. I can assure you that I have no religious attachment to PS or PSE. I just use it. In addition, I'm not so sure that adherence to PS or PSE is such a "widely held or accepted belief." I see many people recommending Lightroom or other editing software packages. By the way, If you lack the Adobe gene I'm surprised that you would use or recommend ADOBE lightroom!

I have used it. Or, more accurately, tried to. Overkill for many needs.
My favorite software packages can be used at the simplest end for routine tasks whether they are image management or business documents, but they also have as many more complex uses as one one would wish to use. With PSE properly lighted and exposed photos that need no real editing can just be cropped and printed like all of the other programs you've mentioned. At the same time photo images or graphic projects that require text, layers, color management, burning or dodging of selected areas, removal of unwanted areas, seamless placing of part of an image from one photo file to another, or any number of other tasks can also be managed with PSE. That is not to say that one must master or use ALL of the functions (many of which are useless to me as well) the software has to offer. I just want everything I'd find a need to use in one software package.

Yes, you could use a simpler program for the easy stuff and use another program for the more complex editing, but why bother when you can do it all in one program? You've also suggested that auto level and auto color correction usually suffices. Some instruction books suggest that you first try the "auto" functions, and if the result isn't to your liking, then do it manually. After finding most of the "auto" functions less than ideal I've simply done the corrections manually without much additional time spent.

To each his own, Paul. If you don't want to use it you don't have to. No need, however, to denigrate anyone who finds it useful for their specific needs.


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Jan 4, 2012
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