1. B

    Epson SC- P900 Paper Jam error

    I have an Epson Surecolor P900 printer that is giving me a paper jam error as soon as I turn the printer on. Its not loaded with any paper at all. I used this printer 3-4 times before shipping it across country packed correctly in its original packaging. It arrived seemingly undamaged, only...
  2. B

    Help Please With Epson ET-2750 Super Mess.....

    Howdy, First time user here so I'm sure there's more than enough knowledge to steer me in the right direction. The issue is my Epson ET-2750 Eco Tank printer was sitting for several months during our move and when I fired it up it wouldn't print anything, surprise surprise so I had a syringe...
  3. S

    Epson ET-8550 EcoTank All-In-One A3+ Photo Printer

    Does anyone know when this printer is going to be available? I ordered from Park Cameras on 27th January - still no sign! Also, after a long string of emails, Epson has refused to honour the cashback deal that was available at the time of purchase. I tried to explain that I had not submitted a...
  4. M

    Fade-resistant bulk ink options for XP15000 (what combination)

    Hi all, about two years ago I started refilling my XP15000 with third-party ink (Inktec from eBay, CMYKRGy). It resulted in severe colour differences compared to OEM, but after profiling (i1pro) it performs excellent. It does not clog or stain, works straight after power up even after 3 months...
  5. S

    WTS - N. Dallas TX - Epson F2100 SureColor DTG w/ heat press

    Located in North Dallas, you pay for shipping if can not pick it up. Selling for $18,000: Epson F2100 SureColor with 14x16 medium platen, use it weekly with good nozzle check (6000 prints on it) Epson F2100 4x4 sleeve platen Epson F2100 7x8 extra small platen Epson F2100 10x12 small platen...
  6. J

    Epson SC-P600, is there any way to take control?

    Hello. I use my Epson p600 everyday multiple times, I'm getting very tired of it deciding to do automatic cleaning cycles whenever it chooses. Is there any kind of adjustment program or firmware that can give me total control so I can decide for myself when the machine does a cleaning/ink...
  7. P

    Epson L3110 printing just cyan

    Regards to all. It would be very helpful. I opened my Epson L3110 printer and took out the printer head, cleaned each color channel and put everything back in place. I did everything from this video: I tried to clean print head because the printer was leaving lines when printing. Now my printer...
  8. E

    Epson TM-T82 printing problem - Has Encrypted text

    Don't know if this is the forum. I'm having problem when using this POS printer and I can't find this issue on INTERNET!!! It printing has this kind of encrypted texts in Chinese etc. Please see sample test print below. what may be the problem? Thank you in Advance!!!
  9. D

    Bought the Epson P800, thoughts on non-OEM ink?

    Hi all! I've just bought my first prosumer printer, a used Epson P800. Other than the paper front tray not working properly (I'll have to look into that) it seems to be in good shape, especially considering the price I snagged it for. With that out of the way, the print levels are low and I'm...
  10. V

    Yellow color too dark/orange on ET-2750

    Hi all, I just bought an Epson ET-2750, and was initially impressed with the ease of use and trouble free setup. But I soon noticed something was weird with the colors in my prints, especially on photos. I know it is not a photo printer, but still. After a lot of tinkering with settings and...
  11. G

    How can I run a power cleaning on my WF 2660?

    Hello everyone, I found an old WF 2660 outside my building in germany, and I brought it home. I did a little cleaning and replaced the catridges, but it only printed blank pages. After several head cleaning cycles I only got it to print with black ink. The color lines were blurry, and the cyan...
  12. S

    "Noisy/Grainy" looking prints

    Hello, I recently purchased an Epson XP-15000. In my prints no matter what setting or media I'm choosing I seem to be getting "grainy" images especially in lighter areas of the prints. I have attached photos comparing the Epson against a pro-100 and the original source image When looking up...
  13. R

    Epson R3000 Yellow Channel Clogged

    Hello, I have an old EPSON R3000 which I tried to use to get into printing. The person that gave me the printer had on it refillable carts with Precision Colors Ink. I made a few prints then it sat for a while. When I tried to start printing again, I had some clogs in the Black nozzles...
  14. B

    Using 502 ink in ET-2650?

    Hi, I have an ET-2650. I need to refill the black ink and have a couple of bottles of 502 ink, rather than the 664 ink. Is this compatible? Thanks
  15. S

    Purchase help for Small Business

    Hello all, So glad I've stumbled onto this web. Everybody here seems nice n very informative. :)) I'm in Bangladesh and so, we have very limited choice when it comes to printers and even less information on them available online. But, since the pros are here - I think you guys can help make my...
  16. J

    Epson iPrint Scan Issue

    If is use Epson Scan 2 or Apple Image capture on my Mac and scan a document with black text/graphics on white paper it looks good. If I use Epson iPrint on my iPad or iPhone to scan the same document I get a bluish gray background. Both scans were color and 300 dpi. I have attached a file...
  17. P

    Reviving an old R220

    Hello, As I hate to throw away stuff, I am trying to revive an old Epson Stylus Photo R220 printer. It used to print adequately but not perfect. So after a long decline in quality, I have tried to clean the printer head nozzles (the spikes) with windex\alcohol and syringe+tube. Now it just...
  18. E

    Hello everybody / Epson WF-7710

    Hello everybody. This looks like a fantastic forum. Happy to have found it. I just bought an Epson WF-7710 and will be asking for advice about adding a CISS. I want to search the existing posts before asking specific questions. For years, I used my old WF-7510 to print about a half dozen 13x19...
  19. mtw1

    Ink Usage for Epson P800 on different quality settings.

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if the print quality settings for an Epson P800 make a difference to the ink usage, specifically the difference between the 'quality' and 'max quality' settings . I emailed Epson about this and they said: "There is no difference in the ink usage...
  20. P

    Hi from Portugal

    Hello everybody ! I'm Paulo from Porto, Portugal. I'm a system's engineer and I work as IT consultant and trainer. I own an Epson Workforce 7610 and a HP Pagewide 477dw. I'm also a great fan of CISS systems