Pro-300 refill videos now up


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Oct 27, 2005
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I normally don't plug anything remotely like this but as I really just want some kudos (I hope!) for the effort and hard work I thought I'd share it more directly and risk the wrath of the fire axe wielding mods for once.

I've completed a set of four videos all relating to the Pro-300 covering everything from:
  1. Flushing and refilling the cartridges for first use (without using water)
  2. Installing refilled cartridges for the first time (when you don't have a chip resetter)
  3. Using the "Full Set Swap" technique (along with logging your usage) to minimise waste and refill (without the need for blood pressure meds)
  4. How to de-BAR a FUBAR situation when you fill a cartridge with the wrong ink (Bonus reel)
The videos have more than a passing usefulness for anyone looking at other Canon printers where they don't have an option, or can't be bothered to reset chips on cartridges so the 280/281, 580/581's, etc... are covered too, albeit not in terms of the refill technique but that's just top-filling so there's still relevance.

Anyhoo... feel free to pan, praise or (heaven forbid!) report as you see fit... 3 weeks of pain... Finally done! :woot :th
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