1. websnail

    Pro-300 refill videos now up

    I normally don't plug anything remotely like this but as I really just want some kudos (I hope!) for the effort and hard work I thought I'd share it more directly and risk the wrath of the fire axe wielding mods for once. I've completed a set of four videos all relating to the Pro-300 covering...
  2. G

    Recommendation: Best Black InkJet Printer for refilling? Low volume home use.

    I plan to buy refilling supplies for a printer I need to buy for home use. Which printer would you say is best for refilling? I print documents in black only, but I guess I will have to get a color ink-jet anyway. I don't print much, I have been refilling HP printers with black for a long...
  3. anon_private

    Refilling Cartidges

    I have an Epson Stylus SX100 printer. Can I refill the cartridges, and will they then print. They are the manufactures cartridges.
  4. G

    Questions about refilling Pro-100 carts: fading over time?

    Having become a fan of refilling the carts on my ix6520, and soon will be refilling those on my recently acquired ip4300, I'm now turning a jaundiced eye to how much I'm spending to feed my Pro-100. I like the Chromalife 100+ ink/Canon paper combination for their ability to stand up under...