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Jun 7, 2018
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West Michigan
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MG5320, PRO-100, CLP-300
I purchased a Xerox WorkCentre 6027 back in May becuase my Samsung
was on the outs, and it's been great so far. It certainly does have an RJ45 Ethernet connection.
I landed it at a sale price of US $299 as a closeout; it's since been superceded by
a newer model.
You'll see on the Xerox website that
"The WorkCentre 6027 is no longer sold as new."

While newer models likely cost a bit more, I'm very happy with this printer so far.
I'm not using it on an Ethernet connection, since wireless fits myself and my wife's
uses just fine and is more convenient for us, but there's certainly an RJ45 socket
on the machine's lower back side.

It comes to a ready state about 15 to 20 seconds after power-on, begins prints
just seconds after receiving a wireless signal, produces extremely acceptable results
of photographic images, and is one of the quietest-operating color laser printers
I've ever experienced in my long-ago role as a service technician.

Consumables are very inexpensive as well, with high-rated third-party suppliers
selling for as little as US $35 for a set of all four colors with an additional Black
cartridge included, for a total of 5 carts. I've tested one such set of carts,
and they've given the printer no troubles whatsoever.

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