MP830 - can't remove print head and ink carts, won't power on

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Jan 18, 2010
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So if I'm reading your responses correctly? A defective print head can prevent the MP830 to power on, can damage a logic board OR a defective logic board can damage a PH?
What's your point and what are you trying to say ?..
Great to see you posting again…@jimbo123
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Apr 25, 2016
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some random thoughts on my 830 experiences

i have ruined a good print head by placing it into an 830 w a bad logic board, ouch !

i have never been able to breath life into an 830 once it won't power on

i have removed the logic board and successfully reinstalled it when disassembling to clean the ink pads

if you do try this, take pics, the ribbon cables are not easy to get back in and can easily be inserted upside down. w/o pics, trial and error can be a painful process to resolve, i've been there, no fun.

here is an old thread that shows some pics(logic board access) along the way

best of luck, keep us posted


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If what has been previously mentioned holds true about these things being able to power on with the print heads disconnected I will try to determine which cable to remove and disconnect! Thanks about the upside down scenario and I guess making a mark on the connector with a Sharpie would be a good idea as well as pictures! If the unit will power on with a Printhead disconnected and kick out an error at least this helps instead of just staring at it wondering. The comments about a bad head and or board concern me at this point and on another forum one fellow with as many 830's as I have took out several logic boards by swapping heads from one to the other before realizing this. A brand new or NOS totally unused and off warranty dieing after only minutes of use? Makes me wonder if these units had design flaws because a google makes many remarks about this problem pop up! Heads taking out boards and boards taking out heads and meanwhile they were expensive units! $379 or higher rings a bell at Office Depot back in the day with still a few brand new units for sale on eBay for hundreds of dollars!
Time to pull side covers and attempt to disconnect to see if something comes on! Worst part is if they don't power on the heads are parked out of reach including ink cartridges.