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Mar 10, 2024
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Hp OfficeJet Pro 8100
I'm looking for an replacment, since I myself had a coulpe of Hp printers.

In matter of facts in past 30 years I had 3 printers( so it means that each printer had worked hassel free for aprox 15 years or nearly 30000 pages printed).
The longest one that I have described as above, and it was an older LPT- Printer.

But sadly the more modern once are not realable as the old type ( old school) printers from Hp. Mostly when it comes to the cartiges are adjusted.
Since old type printer series ( Office jet/ Deskjet) always needed to be manualy adjusted.But sadly modern once is fixed and need to be printed at highest resolution( normal/ slowest printing).

So I personaly think that Hp printers are roubust and hassel free printers,to an affordable price( if you choose an Office Jet Pro series,made for small/ medium business).

But sadly my 10 year old Office Jet pro 8100( after little over 12000 pages) one of my cartiges leaked,wich resulted into a failure wich disabled me from printing futher.

Since I have heard that Epson printers have quality problems( espeasally if you don't print high volume).
Since I myself print max 250 pages yearly, and much of the ink will dry up,since Epson uses a different printing technology( ink type).

Because however Hp ( and maybe Canon) uses therminal ink; whilest Epson( Brother) uses cold/ piezo type ink.

Since it depends who you ask,since We all have our favourite brands.
And with all brands it comes with it's downsides.
So should I stay to an Hp printer,or is Epson just waste of money?

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Dec 27, 2014
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I think general statements like X-Printers are better than Y-Printers are just useless - they don't refer to any particular models or applications, and that's not an issue of thermal vs. piezo printing