ArgyllCMS 648 patch target for i1 Pro 2 device.


Getting Fingers Dirty
Oct 31, 2018
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Pro-100, 3800/80, R2400, 7880
I am person with strong endorsement for personal freedom and personal liberty and not forcing harm, believe, and preferences onto others. I just want to share my point of view.

Here is an analogy:
The bar offers 2 types of beers. Cheap brand offers $3/glass. Premium brand offers $6/glass. If I let folks know that if you want cheaper premium beer, bring your growler fill it up at the local distribution center for $2/glass. But then there are people want $6/glass beer at the bar instead. Better yet, a lot of people want $15/can of cheap beer at a baseball game. There is nothing wrong with that!!! That is personal choice and it's also called true capitalism! Now, if one goes complaining by mid-month having no money for gas and food for the rest of the month is also a personal choice but that is a separate discussion (of societal and government intervention).

As far as the print goes, cheap quality paper has more color shifting due to oxidation/lightfast over time and not just limited to ink color shifting. If folks put in under glass immediately, this could be minimized. There are other factors involve that were not discussed. I just happen to deal with well trained folks that demand quality at the first impression! I am sure they would be even more happy to pay me $5/print instead of $10/print.

More power to personal choices!!! But we all must learn to live with the outcomes!
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