1. KoaBrook

    Canon ip8750 - smudges on bottom corners of print

    Hi there, I own a Canon Pixma ip8750 printer which I use for art prints. Today, it began smudging black ink onto the bottom corners of each print. The print size is 5" x 7" I am using genuine OEM ink cartridges, both an older set and a brand-new set just to test and the problem exists on both...
  2. R

    Magneta ink smudging/spreading

    Hello! I don't really know how to describe my problem in words, but I'll attach pictures. Basically, I'm trying to print out some color documents with my Canon iP100, but the magenta ink is going "outside the lines" and messing up the colors. I've tried two different (Canon brand) #36 color...
  3. mtw1

    Canon Pixma iP4850 ink smear problem.

    Hi, I've been printing some cards on my Canon Pixma iP4850. The card paper is 300 gsm and I printed out quite a few successfully untli it started smearing the bottom left cromer of the print (top right corner of the card as it goes into the printer when you look at the printer from the front)...
  4. ikolt

    bottom plate cleaning - ink smudges: print head/purge unit?

    Hello everybody, My Pro-10s produces excellent prints and I am quite satisfied with it. However, after "bottom ink cleaning" (a maintenance operation in the printer driver) the sheet of paper used shows some ink smudges (s. the attached pictures). When doing the cleaning with the top cover...