service tool

  1. nanobooboo

    Canon G4200 waste ink / service tool help!

    Hi, I have a printer showing the error code for waste ink. I put the unit in service mode and downloaded the service tool V5105 from Octoinkjet that others on this forum have said worked. But the customer is using a Mac desktop and it wouldn't run it. I contacted Octoink's support desk but he...
  2. vienna01

    Canon MX922 Is There Service Tool or Service Mode?

    Is there a service mode or service tool for Canon 922 ? If so Where to get tool or How to get service mode activated etc.
  3. V

    MP980 another B200 victim

    Hello community ! My Canon MP980 purchased in 2009 has not been used a lot but because of heavy inkjet consumption i started to use refillable cartridges (with autorefill chips). Now after some time of not printing the printer shows error B200 probalby indicating an overheated printhead. With...
  4. Thien

    Reducing cleaning frequency to save ink

    Hello friends, I am thinking of getting a MG6120. I know that this model and Mg6220 (already owning this model) do a lot of self-cleaning and in doing so ink is wasted! Will it be possible to lower the cleaning frequency through service tool to save ink? Anyone tried? I will be getting...