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  1. S

    Problems and Service Mode Tricks with Canon Pixma Pro-1

    Hi printer fans :) I recently bought a barely used Pro-1 almost for free. I knew that getting this box up and running again won't be easy sailing but saw the challenge in it and got it. I've now had already couple of successes but still it's not working as expected and I'm wondering if any of...
  2. G

    Canon Pixma G4400 Error 5B00

    I have a Canon Pixma G4400 printer, I can't switch it to service mode to unlock the 5B00 error. i can't put my printer G4400 to service mode... Cause: In Canon Reset Tool to click ,, panel check'' all the lights on the printer turned on, it stayed on for a while but nothing could be heard, I...
  3. depanninfo06

    Service Mode Locked on Canon PIXMA MG6450

    Hello, A customer gave me a Canon PIXMA MG6450 printer to reset the ink meter. I found no problem handling to enter the service mode. Unfortunately, when I do this procedure (6 times for the MG Series), nothing happens neither on the printer nor on the computer, I think my client tinkering...
  4. G

    Have I bricked my G2000?

    Hi all, I was experiencing severe print head misalignments with my G2000 (Color portion) which could not be fixed with manual and automatic alignment, and therefore cleaned the interiors and attempted to 'reset the printer to factory defaults' because I took the print heads out and the ink...
  5. C

    Canon Pixma MP620... in service mode, idle. What next?

    Hi all, I hope someone can help me get my good old mp620 back up and running. I love my mp620. It's been an amazing workhorse. I don't want to chuck it into the landfill. I just want it to print like before. My printer is attached to my Mac laptop via USB cable. I've been printing with this...
  6. vienna01

    Canon MX922 Is There Service Tool or Service Mode?

    Is there a service mode or service tool for Canon 922 ? If so Where to get tool or How to get service mode activated etc.
  7. O

    Hello new friends

    Hi, I am new in the forum and I hope to be helpful to you all. Right now I have a Canon MP280 and I have a problem: error E08. I disassembled all the printer to clean it, once reassembled, I followed the steps to get to service mode, and here is the problem, after pressing 6 times the...
  8. V

    MP980 another B200 victim

    Hello community ! My Canon MP980 purchased in 2009 has not been used a lot but because of heavy inkjet consumption i started to use refillable cartridges (with autorefill chips). Now after some time of not printing the printer shows error B200 probalby indicating an overheated printhead. With...