1. A

    Epson L1800 Wets paper

    Hello everyone, recently I bought a printer for my office and its an Epson L1800, and its been a hit a miss experience since it's my first larger format printer so far. What has me scratching my head is the resulting print quality, which always results in prints that come out "wet" and deform...
  2. fader

    materials best for impermanence

    Hi there, I search for print materials, which provide fast fadening and strong color shifting characteristics. For my diploma work at an art university (please don`t stop reading now), I experiment with print (im)permanence. I`m glad that I have found this forum, especially the thread "Papers...
  3. S

    why does the epson wf-7620 print so dark?

    Another artist and myself find that both b/w and color images print quite dark... sometimes muddy!... on the epson wf-7620. We love the scanner, but the print function often leaves something to be desired. Any advice? A previous thread? My thanks!
  4. PalaDolphin

    Term for cheap print?

    What is the artistic term for a cheap print of an artist's work? I'm buying frames with beautiful matting from thrift stores for less than $5 and in most cases destroying the art in the process of repurposing them for my photographs. The artwork is of a painting by some famous artist. I wish...