1. D

    Canon pixma ip8750 unknown part!!!

    Hey everyone! I have a canon pixma ip8750 that has a huge ink spill and left ink everywhere inside the printer. I’ve taken the printer apart but sadly there’s just one part I cannot remember where it goes and cannot see it in my photos, is there anyone out there that can help?? The part is...
  2. KoaBrook

    Canon ip8750 - smudges on bottom corners of print

    Hi there, I own a Canon Pixma ip8750 printer which I use for art prints. Today, it began smudging black ink onto the bottom corners of each print. The print size is 5" x 7" I am using genuine OEM ink cartridges, both an older set and a brand-new set just to test and the problem exists on both...
  3. O

    Canon ip8750/ip8760/ip8720/ip8740 ink absorber reset

    Hello, I just bought this printer and because I want to be ready to operate it to its full potential, I would like to know if anyone here have tried accessing service mode on one of those printers, and resetted its ink absorber's counter using Service Tool (which version should I use to prevent...