1. B

    Using Ecotank 542 Durabrite ink for refilling WF-4730

    I'm considering buying the Epson WorkForce WF-4730 because it is the cheapest pigment ink printer with CISS and chipless firmware available. Original ink is very expensive. I'm aware that third party refill ink will almost never be exactly like OEM quality, so I was thinking, can I use Ecotank...
  2. E

    Canon Pixma iX6850 CISS

    Hi, I have a Canon Pixma iX6850. I am using this printer to print images/pictures but using the genuine canon inks are costly. After some research, I found out CISS for printers. I am wondering if they are reliable for picture printing and is there any CISS system for Pixma iX6850 and good ink...
  3. V

    HP Officejet 7612 - CIS - informations and issues with refillable cartridges

    Hello everyone. I bought a CIS coming from China, on yesterday, for my HP Officejet 7612. It should arrive by the end of the first week of June. I would like to acquire more knowledge in order to avoid troubles in the process of installation. here are some questions: > I am going to buy bulk...
  4. E

    Hello everybody / Epson WF-7710

    Hello everybody. This looks like a fantastic forum. Happy to have found it. I just bought an Epson WF-7710 and will be asking for advice about adding a CISS. I want to search the existing posts before asking specific questions. For years, I used my old WF-7510 to print about a half dozen 13x19...
  5. P

    Hi from Portugal

    Hello everybody ! I'm Paulo from Porto, Portugal. I'm a system's engineer and I work as IT consultant and trainer. I own an Epson Workforce 7610 and a HP Pagewide 477dw. I'm also a great fan of CISS systems
  6. D

    Artisan 1430 cartridge errors

    I'm attempting to resuscitate a 1430 that I suspect may have never printed successfully. Everything inside it was pristine, including the ink waste lines, and when I first plugged it in, it would slam the carriage into the left side and stop. I fixed that problem when I found the ribbon cable...
  7. demoeb

    Dream printer acquired! Epson R2400

    Hi everyone! I have just arranged to pick up another inkjet.. my dream printer! An Epson Stylus Photo R2400! I've bought 2 inkjets in past 6 months.. Canon MG2965 - cheap and OK, can be refilled BUT it's very poor quality, wouldn't waste paper on it to do photos. I then bought an Epson...
  8. C

    Bulk Inks for Canon MG5720

    Hi all, I have a Canon MG5700 series printer fitted with a CISS. The continuous ink system is connected to the original ink cartridges which are of type PGI-270 / CLI-271. Can anyone recommend a suitable brand and type of bulk ink that would be compatible with this cartridge type? Many...
  9. R

    Greetings from the Ozarks!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Rix and I have a YouTube channel called RixCanDoIt. What I do is draw...with pencils...and review stuff related to drawing...with pencils... :-) One of the things I'm incorporating into my art is the transferring of my drawings or creations onto various substrates...
  10. H

    Which printer should I buy? Epson 1500W or L1800?

    I'm thinking of buying a3 + printer, and I think it's thesame models, Epson 1500W and L1800. I want to use or try other types of ink. Printing BW is also a possibility. Can I select 1500W and use CISS system plus other inks (lower price) or Better buy the L1800 with the original CISS ? Any other...
  11. J.F.Edwards

    Hi, All !

    J.F.Edwards here in the damp NW USA I was/am a volunteer & sometimes contract photographer for the National Park Service, in addition to an avid closeup & macro fan. Over the years since 2003, including car shows, I have accumulated many thousands of pics. I do most printing (few pics) on my...
  12. Monkey Shoulder

    Canon G series. "megatank" CISS printers

    I am seeing ads and stuff for a new series of Canon inkjet that uses refillable tanks rather than cartridges. Competition for the Epson "Ecotanks". Unfortunately they don't seem to be on sale in the UK right now. Does anyone have any experience of them, and can give a review? for example...
  13. P

    Primera LX900 LX2000 Chip bypass

    Hi, I was interested in buying a label printer such as the Primera LX900 or LX2000. These darn things require a chip in the ink. Does anyone know a bypass or software mod that can be applied? I can't find anything online. If there isn't, I'm willing to pay someone to develop one! Thanks!
  14. G

    Ruined color cartridge while trying to fix white lines CISS

    Hi, I've got a ciss system installed on a canon IP2810. A coupe of weeks ago all colors(including black) where printing white lines, and the Ciss hose had many air burbles, upon opening, I discovered that the hose was cut (From mechanical exhaustion). So I decided to cut the hose, and reinsert...
  15. Jonathan Morgan

    Cost per page? Toner? Ink?

    Newbie here, doing some research on different printers. Curious what the average breakdown cost is for toner vs. ink per page for use in a CISS/CTSS system. Also wondering if anyone has found a solution for close to $0.00125 per page.