1. TamiS

    Canon Pixma MX922 Printing Issues - Banding? Pinstripes?

    Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone here can help me with a problem I'm having with my Canon Pixma MX922. I'm getting tiny, thin lines, like pinstripes thru everything I print. I noticed this problem a couple weeks ago. Since then I've tried cleaning the nozzles multiple times, deep cleaning...
  2. G

    Pixma Pro 1 pink banding

    I recently printed some photographs after a two month absence and experienced pink/pale red banding at 3 places across each print. It bands at 3/4", 2" and about 11" across an a4 print. It is on all a4 prints. Also some faint lines across the entire print. I have performed several cleans and one...
  3. The Ragster

    Weird colour banding on Pro-1

    When I rebuilt my printer after fitting my Potty, the nozzle check and first prints were as perfect as before. Then I decided to do a A3+ (SuperB) print and noticed horizontal banding. It seems to be getting worse with every print. Attached are the new nozzle checks on both plain and Oyster...
  4. H

    Maybe my IP6600 gem still needs some polishing

    Hi everyone: Well, this is embarrasing. After you all kindly advised me on my new (used) acquisition of an IP6600D with apparently minimal mileage on it, just last week in this thread... I just...
  5. G

    Magenta not printing at all

    Hello, So I have a relatively new canon pixma pro-100. it sat unused for a couple weeks before this issue. I thought it'd be a good time to run a couple prints through to keep things flowing. Ran a cleaning. First 2 prints were perfect. Then I noticed huge chunks of magenta missing. Ran a...