1. TheOneGuy

    After Oiling and Cleaning Need Your Feedback

    Hello. I read advice here about using PTFE oil to lubricate printhead rails. I have PTFE bike chain lubricant for dry weather. After applying it the printer no longer squeaks when printing. I performed cleaning using cleaning liquid that had syringe, tube and adapters in the package because it...
  2. E

    Canon Pixma MX722 alignment

    I posted this already on a Stack Exchange site, but found out about this place later. I have a Canon Pixma MX722 printer. I purchased new actual Canon cartridges for the thing and installed them. I can see the colors, but even after doing a manual print head alignment the black ink still is not...
  3. T

    Rough move across country - Pixma Pro 100 alignment issues?

    I moved across the country about six months ago. Living in an apartment I didn't have room for my Pro 100, so I put it in storage for the duration. It was transported on a 24' truck, and I know for a fact it was bounced around and moved quite roughly (I'd like to forget the nightmare move). I...