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  • Dear Joe,.
    I do refill my OEM Epson carts applying the method which you developed.
    I am now trying to locate and purchase a complete set of original OEM chips for the cartridges in my Epson Pro 3880.
    As I understand that this is not possible in case the ink content in a cartridge did reach less than 15%

    "The Hat" suggested that you might be able to help me?
    Thanks for your reply !

    Hey Jose'. You posted some very informative videos about the Canon Pro9500 MkII. I have a 9500 MkII with a "no power up" (no lights/sound when pressing power button)Canon K30309 power adapter tested and showed no more than 7.89dcv across the 9pins. sounds like replacing the print-head or logic board. But I don't want to just throw parts at it. Do you have any suggestions for the next steps?
    I own an Epson Stylus Photo R2000 and got my first “Parts inside your printer are near the end of their service life" message today. How do I purchase your Reset Tool program CD? Incidentally, how many more images can I print before my printer stops working? Should I stop using it until I get your CD and reset the counter? Any information is much appreciated.
    Thanks, all the best.
    --David Reddig.
    The Hat
    The Hat
    Again, Normally you get Feck all feed back in this New Profile Posts Section, try posting your request directly in PM to Jose or on the open forum...
    Hi Joe, I just posted about a deep magenta color cast on my 7800. I wonder if you have time to look at the pictures. Have you seen this in an Epson printer before?
    Thanks Pkk
    The Hat
    The Hat
    Again, Normally you get Feck all feed back in this New Profile Posts Section, try posting your request in PM to Jose...
    Hi Joe. I have a new Canon Pro 100 on the way. I love the CISS on my Epson 837, It being trouble free for 2 years, but you have me spooked about adding one to the Pro 100. In one of your videos you commented about one that looked like it might work well with the Pro 100. Has anything materialized on that. I would like to know before I spend the money to gear up for refilling.Thanks, I appreciate all your intel.
    Hi there. I have a couple of Primera Bravo II printers and need ink. I bought some Lexmark 16 & 26 as you suggested. Could you please send me the barcodes you created so I can use them?
    Thank you. Luke
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