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  • Do you still create icc's for the Canon Pro 10 using an X-Rite scanner? I had seen one of your YouTube videos explaining the printing process on my end, mailing them to you with 3 sheets of the same paper the color blocks were printed on, etc.

    Is there a way to have you review a print image for a problem? I am using an old Epson 3800 printer which all of a sudden it is putting Black Ink marks along the border of the image and sometimes on the image. Weird.

    I have done several head cleanings as well as alignment plus cleaning some of the internal parts.

    How do I sent you a image to review?

    I am using Epson Stylus Pro 4900

    Have a lot of head clogging

    I have now just purchased a Canon Pro-100, and only purchased it as I want to get into using 3rd party inks, preferably Precision Colors

    What do I need to purchase (please be as specific as possible as I have never attempted to do this on my own and want to make it as easy as possible in the beginning until I gain the confidence
    I am getting 15 blinks on my canon pro-10 and all cartridges are lit. It won't reset. Got any advice? Thanks.
    Dave Marshall
    harold davies Am I confused or do you not create PRO 10 .icc's using Precision Colors Signature Ink 2? I am about out of OEM and have refilled my spare set according to your directions. Don't I need different icc's when changing inks?
    dubiously, harold
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