What ink does the Bravo SE and Bravo Pro use ?


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Sep 15, 2022
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Primera Bravo II
By this I mean the printer that is "under the hood" not the ones you officially buy for the printer. I know the official one for the SE is 53332 but you can also use the Bravo Pro ink 53335 in the SE which for some reason has double the ink amount, for only a few dollars more. I also notice you can pull off the label of the cart on the 53332 and refill holes are there, but you can't with the 53335 as even though both carts work the 53335 doesn't have refill holes under the label.

I can't find any primer or refill kit for this cartridge, I really need one so I can suck out the ink to clear the holes, hence why I really would like to know what printers (HP, Lexmark, etc) cart is used so I can buy the primer for that cart and use it with the old official 53335 inks so I can refill them easier. I presume the "under the hood" cart won't work due to a chip difference ?

Real shame not many use these disc printers anymore as when they work they are great, I have 3x Bravo IIs and a Bravo SE now, they might have been made in 2006 but cost me next to nothing to buy.
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