Unclogging Canon Printheads


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Dec 30, 2019
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This forum is brilliant for anyone who has any interest in printers. However, there comes a time when our printers give us some problems. I only have experience of Canon printers so I don't know whether my experiences are of any value to owners of other printers. However, clogged prinheads must be the bain of all printer owners and I hope my experiences may be of help to others.

I have searched for a magic elixer to unclog Canon printheads & it is suggested that either/or isopropyl alcohol & amonia diluted with distilled water work. I am not sure whether tap water in soft water areas cannot be used instead but I prefer to play safe. In my experience neither are 100% successful.

The secret, in my opinion is HEAT. Remember if you get ink on your fingers. Doesn't the ink come off better with warm water?

My preference for unclogging Canon printheads is to heat up the solution (water based) inject it into a blank cartridge and do a cleaning cycle. There are various printhead cleaning cartrtridge/solutions out there but in my experience only heat will dissolve stubborn blockages
Gently clean the print head with the moist cotton swab. Return the cartridge to the printer, turn the printer on and run the automatic cleaning utility. If the head is still clogged, continue to the next step. Fill a small bowl with enough glass cleaner to completely submerge the bottom portion of your ink cartridge. as simple as that. :D:D