Quick report on G2060

Paul Verizzo

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Apr 16, 2011
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Sarasota, FL, USA
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Canon ip4500, 9000 MK II, PRO-
I guess it will do. Y'all have read of my disasters with recent iP4500 experiences in a recent post.

The G2060 is multi-purpose. However, at this point I'm unable to install the scan/copy driver. Grrrr...... In order to talk to someone I have to register and make an account. Grrr.....

Both printers are considered to be home/office. The old iP series was definitely more office, this is more home. Slower print times, no auto duplex, no dedicated photo black although that doesn't seem to be an issue per Hat and other comments. I loved the lower tray on the iPXXXX for keeping plain paper, use the back feeder for photo papers when needed.

During setup, the skimpy paper start manual sez go to a particular URL. Well, NO G2060 option! I think this may be, God forbid, a two year old model. I did navigate to drivers and downloads, got the basic print driver in. As noted, no success for scan/copy.

Then there's the manual. The iP4500 comes with a small 100 page manual. Almost everything you need to know. The G2060 has a downloadable 356 page PDF manual. What, you couldn't spend a dollar for a printed manual covering the basics?????? I ran into something similar with a new Pentax DSLR six years ago. A skimpy start up thing in paper. The REAL manual was online. With the capabilities of the iP4500, I was able to print two pages to one, and duplex them. Then put into a binder. Can't do that with this printer's manual.

On the upside, there's the Maxi-Tank. I look at the printer and am astounded at how much ink is available. And when I need more, cheap. I noticed no mention of Chromalife 100 or similar. Something about "hybrid inks." What?

Many years ago I had a relationship that remains the most intense of my life. I've had others before and since then, grateful, but never Carol again. The iPXXXX is my printing Carol, I guess. The G2060 is those that preceded and followed my Carol/iPXXXX. Thank you for the experience, but not peak.