New Epson large format printers P7570/9570

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Dec 27, 2014
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I think that's gradual improvements with the inks - a few more % for the gamut with the extended color set, some slight improvement for gloss and gloss differentials between different colors, different saturation levels and the paper - all on Epson papers. So if you can't use orange, red, green, violett in your P800 you won't gain anything there, and if you print on papers from other manufacturers it'll look different again and you won't gain much at the end, or get some smaller gamut but much bigger savings in your wallet. I wouldn't save money for that reason, you just might consider how long your current printer will last, and plan for a new one when this one gets into an unrepairable condition. It's like trying to always get the latest new camera with even more pixels...... how much better will your pictures get with that upgrade ?


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Jul 2, 2006
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Sorry for my ranting.

I find the obove interesting.

However how far behind am I with my old 3880/P800 Epson HD ink technic (OEM) compared to these new 12 (or more) color printers on hight quality papers. Are they much better with a color gammut that hugely exceeds that old technic.

Is it time to save mony for a modern printer? How would one express the advantages to buy the new ones....? I do understand that a 8 cylinder car is superior to a 4 cylinder one but wonder how 12 cylinder acts compared. And here I'm not interested how it prints on super duper glossy paper.
When it comes to engineering, it is not as simple as how many cylinders or how many inks your printer uses. That is completely wrong. You need to understand the details of the engineering involved and understand how it all comes together and for what purpose. Then there is also the Intellectual content that makes the hardware come together. BTW, you did not mention the inline 6 which has some inherent benefits, depending on what you want out of an engine. What about the wankel, radial and flat configurations? Each one can be engineered to be better than the other depending on what it is needed to do and what compromises are acceptable.

Same with printers, the number of inks do not necessarily mean it will print more colors or will produce a superior image. It is way beyond that simplistic a notion.


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Mar 8, 2016
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Thanks pals... have a feeling that Your say concludes it all.

In a way, in a perfect world, a perfect set of YMCK should make it all - however when not even K really is black etc a complex engineering must kick in to simulate that Y is Y, M is M, C is C and fool the K to be K by mixing them technically in a very complex way. Doing that - they must use other colors as well to get the mathematics coming through. Add to that all the other technics/physics/electronics etc etc thingies. That makes the printers... then there are other things like human percepsion of color, light and surfaces. ( not taste to be forgotten)

Not to forget a good photo managed well can be most exellent expressed in B/W.

Interesting this!
So far I'm rather happy with what I have.
Too much that is!

Thanks again.
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