Need Inkjet Glossy Business Card Paper - Will Cut Myself


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Jul 10, 2021
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I have acquired a Martin Yale business card cutter to make business card prints at home... only to find out there is no coated glossy coated inkjet cover paper on the market. Plenty of matte options which look terrible with dyes, plenty of papers that work well with laser, but the paper I ordered was for offset printing. Very crummy website put that info toward the bottom of the page.

Glossy/Semigloss coated
100lb Cover
Inkjet compatible
Uncut - Will cut myself

^ If anyone knows where I can find this kind of paper, please let me know!

Fenrir Enterprises

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May 17, 2006
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Your problem is going to be there's no good way to print glossy business cards on an inkjet printer that won't be too delicate. I print matte cards all the time on Staples Photo Plus matte but all my experiments with glossy is that the coating used to make it inkjet printable will crack or flake when rubbed, such as keeping a stack in your wallet or business card holder. Someone picking it up with damp fingers will ruin it, while aftermarket pigment inks on matte paper won't hold up as well as laser or offset, but way better than glossy inkjet paper. At this time I print business cards on a color laser. You will still have issues because most home laser printers won't handle 100lb cover, 80lb at the most. If you ever decide to buy one, you will need one with a "straight feed bypass" and do a lot of research finding reviews on how well it handled ultra heavy stock.

If you want to try, heavy glossy papers are almost never sold as cover weight cardstock but as photo paper with thickness in points. 100 lb cover = 270 gsm = ~ 14 pt photo paper. If you need to print on both sides, it's difficult but not impossible to find double sided gloss. It's been a long time since I looked, but the last time I tried, almost all double-sided gloss was more of a heavy brochure paper and not card/cover stock weights.