1. Alvin777

    How Long Maximum Could You Submerge the Heads in the Cleaning Solution?

    Hello, I have a Canon MP287. Both the color and black cartridges, some of it's nozzles are closed (has lines in the test print). I've tried deep cleaning about 5 to 9 times straight but it's still the same and other methods like sucking using a suction device. I did buy a cleaning solution...
  2. Sotalo

    Need Inkjet Glossy Business Card Paper - Will Cut Myself

    I have acquired a Martin Yale business card cutter to make business card prints at home... only to find out there is no coated glossy coated inkjet cover paper on the market. Plenty of matte options which look terrible with dyes, plenty of papers that work well with laser, but the paper I...
  3. X

    Need a New Inkjet for a Sticker Business

    Tried posting this on Reddit but their printer forums were dead so.... I'm looking to buy a new printer for a sticker business me and my girlfriend would like to start up. Since it will be printing larger volumes of full-color pages for premium vinyl I would like it to also be inkjet so we get...
  4. X

    Canon PIXMA G7000 series (G7020, G7070, etc) color balance and pale issue

    Hi, i just bought a canon pixma g7000 series, and i found out that the print result although it's quite detail (based on plain paper printing), it lacks the color balance and kinda pale compared to that i got from my previous canon pixma printer (PIXMA MG8100 series) that print on the same plain...
  5. M

    HP Officejet Pro 8000: Blinking Lights

    The power light and all color cartridges lights are blinking. According to HP support such light pattern means that those "cartridges are faulty or need attention" and the solution is: reinsert cartridge, or replace the cartridge Through out the years, whenever there was a cartridge issue I...
  6. slackercruster

    Inkjet prints water resistance tests

    Results for inkjet prints water resistance tests nsfw
  7. D

    Availability of Refillable Cartridges

    I have noticed the new brother printer I was interested in had LC3017/3019 cartridges. Similarly, an Epson I was keen on has 802 cartridges. Neither seem to have refillable cartridges available. Do the printer companies regularly change their cartridge formats for new printers? Can we...
  8. ITEC

    Greetings from Toronto, Canada

    Hello all, Nice to have finally found time to be part of this great site just haven't been here in awhile took time to grow my business and establish strong customer base. If anyone has any questions or concerns feel to drop me a message, support and client service is #1 in my books I been in...
  9. B

    Canon iPF9100 for sale

    Canon iPF9100 inkjet for sale. Rarely used and in storage so likely will need new print heads. Cincinnati Ohio area. Great condition as it was used to support photography business. Not many hours/jobs on it.
  10. G

    Recommendation: Best Black InkJet Printer for refilling? Low volume home use.

    I plan to buy refilling supplies for a printer I need to buy for home use. Which printer would you say is best for refilling? I print documents in black only, but I guess I will have to get a color ink-jet anyway. I don't print much, I have been refilling HP printers with black for a long...
  11. gordon downey

    watermark ink for inkjet

    hey everyone! I am making certificates for a client who requires a watermark in the paper. They want a proper watermark as in it is only visible when held up to light. I bought some ink for screen printing but it doesn't come out good as there is some fine detail in the logo. Then I added...
  12. K

    IX7000 error B200 and now 5200

    Hi, i ve been literraly EVERYWHERE on internet to find a solution. I saw that B200 is programmed obsolescence, so i discovered that you can try to overpass it with Service tool and the manual. It s what i tryed, but i am not even sure that i am in service mode, while i try ST3400 it says error...
  13. Z

    Why Refill?

    I started refilling with a HP 500, and in the first 5 years of refilling, I saved just a little over $50,000, which I would have spent if I had been buying those HP carts. This has continued over the years, and I lost count of how many refills that I did. But wore out 3 HP500 and 4 HP560...
  14. D

    Help with Inkjet questions!

    Hi there, Firstly i would like to say thank you for any one that can help me get my head around the issues I’m currently having!! My background lies in the building of furniture so I’m relatively new to printing. Im currently developing the beginnings of an idea for me to eventually hand...
  15. P

    HP f2290 wont print?

    I have this old inkjet HP f2290. I cleaned and refilled the Black cartridge. The cartridge is not clogged, I checked and the ink is appearing on the nozzle. After I put it back, in the driver program it shows as if it is filled. Tried to print but it dont print at all, pages are completely...