Issues with refilling my PIXMA MX492 cartridges (PG-245)


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Nov 27, 2010
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It looks to me like Precision Colors has sold both standard ink sets from Image specialists and custom blends. The ink set for the Canon two cartridge printers looks very much like a standard ink set. Notice the ink numbers C1128P, C2032D, C6121D and C0797D for the pigment black and dye cyan, magenta and yellow.

Precision Colors ink set for the PGI-x25/CLI-x26 contains the standard pigment black C1128P and custom blends for the dye colours. Notice the different format of the ink numbers.

Image Specialists has a catalog and ink finder here, It is not up to date, the newest combined cartridges are PG-50 and CL-51. Notice the numbers WJ1128 for the pigment black, and WJ2032, WJ6121, WJ797 for the dye cyan, magenta and yellow. It looks to me like the inks for the Canon two cartridge printers sold by Precicion Colors are identical to these inks. @mikling Am I right?

The inks in the ink set for the Canon two cartridge printers are part of the standard Image Specialists ink set for PGI-x25/CLI-x26 sold by Octoinkjet UK. If you check the details of the inks for PGI-525 and CLI-526 cyan, magenta and yellow, you find the manufacturer's parts numbers WJ1128, WJ2032, WJ6121 and WJ797.

I bought the tested Image Specialists inks from Octoink UK.


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Apr 19, 2007
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@PeterBJ - good answer! Hopefully Mike will chime in.


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Jul 31, 2009
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I also refill and happened on this thread with a number of your contributions.
I see that you have had some trouble with cleaning a few cartridges. (post #15)

Here is a trick I have used with good success. In general:
1) Soak the cartridge in Windex (with ammonia) with the nozzles down inside the solution.
2) Solution level no higher than needed to cover the nozzles.
3) Change the solution as many times as needed until it stays relatively clear.
4) For the last couple of changes, use a syringe to fill the inside of the cartridge
enough to slightly cover the intakes. In my -0067s, when the nozzles are fairly clear
the fluid will drain through. I believe the flow helps to clear the last few remnants
of congealed ink. You can use the outside fluid to put inside and therefore cycle
it through.
5) All this can take several days. I have learned to be patient with it.
6) When you are satisfied with the condition, turn the cartridge upside-down
on a flat surface, so the heads are facing up.
7) Get some 10% household ammonia. I know you are in Copenhagen, so the
brands will be different but here the Ace Hardware chain has a "janitorial"
strength ammonia that is 10%.
8) Cut a small piece of paper towel to just cover the nozzles.
9) Put a drop of the ammonia on the nozzles, cover with the bit of towel and
add a couple more drops of ammonia.
10) Leave this solution on for only about 10 minutes, then wash it off.
11) Soak for another day or so and continue to cycle the fluid through the
12) Dry it out and refill. Before putting fresh ink in, add one drop of Windex
to each intake.

I realize that you are much more experienced in refilling than I am and know
a lot more about various types of cartridges. For the most part I am following
the procedures outlined in this forum and probably some of your own suggestions.
There was probably no reason to write this in such detail except that others
may read it and want the detail.

I like the Windex in preference to Pharmacist's cleaning solution because I think
it has a small amount of surfactant or detergent. This helps with wetting all
the surfaces. This method has worked so well for me that I used it on a
printhead that I had started to soak and then forgot for a couple of years.
It worked perfectly first time and made a better nozzle check than I have
ever seen before from a cleaned head.


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May 3, 2021
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