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Ink stained Fingers

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Dec 27, 2014
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L805, WF2010, ET8550
I found another case that ink droplets get deflected at nozzle egdes and cause missing lines in printouts.

I'm using a L310 Ecotank Epson printer for the daily stuff - internet printouts etc - , the printhead passed 55 000 pages, w/o problems so far. I'm using pigment inks - a mix of leftover inks from previous tests for gloss, gamut etc. Slowly some fine banding showed up in areas using cyan, the nozzle check did not show any missing nozzles and other dropouts.
A careful check of the nozzle check shows this
Cyan 1.jpg

The top most cyan line steps down by one nozzle - from left to right - but is missing the last step down - there is a straight line for two adjacent nozzles.
I switched over to a dye cyan in this channel and printed for a while until the dye ink replaced the pigment ink in the tubing and the damper and the nozzle check now looks slightly different at this location
Cyan 2.jpg

the nozzle stair is clean again - and this without any cleaning cycles - the dye ink solvent removed any debris from the edge of this nozzle - and printouts now look cleaner again.