I had luck cleaning one of my dampers !


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Mar 18, 2022
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Epson L3110
Well well well, it all started with banding issues

To get thing clarified, I have an epson L3110 all in one printer
before that I had an epson L310 that due to an electricity problem its motherboard died .. it was a great printer & I learned alot about CISS systems & epson from that printer
but to be honest L3110 is waaaaay better than L310

Anyway .. long story short I know I have to print regularly .. I print 4 pages daily when there is nothing I have to print .. one of them is a purge file .. just to avoid clogged nozzles .. I printed on that printer around 3700 pages
& all of sudden one day I noticed banding in black color .. nozzle check reported a problem with some black nozzles .. cleaned using utility provided in windows driver .. used windex-soaked towels as advised here in this forum .. then did a nozzle check & viola ! .. clean prints .. but just for few centimeters of the first print !

@ that point I realized that it's not a clogged nozzle as it was a pattern :
bad nozzle check > clean > good nozzle check > print anything > bad nozzle check again
& that is not supposed to happen !

so I unhocked the black color tubing going to black color damper (as problem was with black color only) & attached black color tubing directly to printing head were damper is attached .. I learned from this forum that dampers act kindda a spring or a buffer zone where ink pressure gets stabilized .. so this was for testing purpose only ! .. did a cleaning cycle .. print & viola ! black prints are perfect !

Now it's clear that I got a clogged damper

Here in my country customs are some how not good .. I got a credit card & I can order a set of new dampers from Ali Express .. but shipping prices are way more expensive than dampers themselves !
This is hilarious ! 😂

So I decided to test my luck with cleaning them

So with damper in my hand & out of printer, I used a syringe to pull ink out of damper .. did this multiple time while damper & syringe soaked under water till there is no ink & water comes clean

Then I reversed .. so instead of pulling water out of that damper .. I pushed water till it comes out of the little hole tubing should attach to

then filled damper completely with windex & let it set for several hours
Then as I did with water .. I did it again but with windex & let it set for several hours
& then one last cycle of soak & reverse with water again & let it set for several hours
The key point is to let soaking to take place slowly over several hours

Finally I cleaned that damper out of water .. attached tubing .. pulled ink to fill around 75% of damper as advised by members in this great forum

Put damper back & viola !
Every thing is perfect again

I would like to thank Ink stained Fingers for his post because it helped me a lot understand my problem !

& also would like to thank jtoolman for his awesome youtube channel that let me know this forum in the very first place

both you guys are an example of "SOS" people, that is slower .. older .. smarter !

Thank you !
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