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Nov 6, 2005
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I have an HP Designjet 110 Plus that has not had a lot of use since new and visually and mechanically it is in very good condition. My use pattern was to do a printing job and then not use it for a few weeks/months. Last time I used it, on my now defunct XP machine about 18 months ago, it had not been used for well over 12 months. The printing was not satisfactory so I did the all the maintenance operations several times but this did not resolve the problem. I purchased some 3rd party print heads and cartridges but still did not improve. My printing was mainly A2/A1 CAD with all 4 colours. In hindsight I should have done some regular printing to prevent this but I didn’t.

I now have a new Win 10 machine that I understand will not support the Designjet 110 Plus drivers. I have looked on the HP site and could not find any suitable ones. Also whatever the reason for the poor printing I suspect that it would be worse now.

My dilemma is that I would like to get it working but:
A) How do I go about this – will I need to replace ink lines/channels or can they just be flushed out.
B) If I do succeed in fixing it will I be able to work it with Win 10. I do have an old low spec Win 7 notebook that could be used but would prefer not to use it as it is low spec.
C) If it can be made operational again could it be converted to use black/grey inks only as would be nice to have a monochrome printer.

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Dec 27, 2014
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You can try to install the Win7 drivers on Win10, in a particular mode, you need to install it as an unsigned driver, there are plenty internet postings how to do that , look for “Disable driver signature enforcement”
like this one

I'm not familiar with this type of printer, does the driver offer you a grayscale-B/W printing mode which just uses the black ink ? This would reduce your cleaning efforts just to the black ink line.