How to remove PRO-1 printhead ?

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Jan 18, 2010
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If the repair is successful and I think it's very likely I will write a detailed instruction with photos explaining the procedure which is fairly simple.
Hi @TomaszSkop and welcome, that said now for the bad news..

You can’t change out one print head or part of, on the Pro 1 printer without encountering huge difficulty’s, this is not your average Canon printer and it will give an error very quickly if you do something incorrectly, which will then require a trip to a service centre.

The best and cheapest option is to install a new print head, because what you waste in ink usually costs more than the print head itself, each time you power on after you’ve serviced the head the printer will run a system clean, which is unavoidable..

Between purchasing new inks and a new print head it might be better to look into getting a Pro 10 for not much more instead..