How can reset my Canon pixma pro 100 waste ink counter refill?


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Nov 17, 2020
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Hi . A few weeks ago i received the dreaded B5200 erroe aboyut my waster counters reaching limit . A while after that ( after ( continued printing) it stopped. I hit the net ans saw soultions. I have bothe srvice tolkit v34oo and the newer v5214 version, and dug out an old PC that runs Wnidows XP, but i keep getting the 500 error. Don't know what ( or if) there is anything else I can do to get this printer started again. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. ;)


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Nov 27, 2010
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I think something is wrong with the error codes. They should be 4 digit numbers or be 4 alphanumerical characters. No service manuals for the Pro 100 are available, but see this list. All codes are 4 characters. So what are the exact error codes?

From a service manual for an older printer error 1700 means that the ink absorber is getting full, but you can still print. Errors 5B00 and 5B01 mean the ink absorber is now full and printing is locked. Errors 5200 and B200 are print head failure. Could this be the problem with your printer?

The service tools also have some error codes. Error 002 means this function is not supported by this printer. Error 005 means the PC does not recognise the printer. Error 006 means the printer has not entered service mode and error 009 means service mode operations cannot be performed due to an error in the printer.

Hopefully you have not used service tool v3400 on the printer? That will cause lock of service mode. Only a service centre can then clear this blockage, at a cost likely exceeding the cost of the printer. Here is proof that service tool v5204 can reset the ink absorber in the Pro-100. Here is a reset of a Maxify printer using service tool v5204. Here is the procedure for an older printer using the v3400 of the service tool. This a little more detailed procedure for entering service mode and performing the reset is the same as for the v5204 of the service tool.

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