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Dec 27, 2014
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Epson is expanding the range of printers which use bottled inks - like the Ecotank printers in the desktop range. Epson is offering a range of 4 color larger format printers like the SC T3100 or T2100 as an entry level 24" printer, they run with pigment inks and are targeted for architectural/technical drawings and ad posters. These printers use cartridges between 28 ml to 80ml (black).
Epson is expanding this printer range with the T3100X model which is the T3100 running with ink tanks and related benefits - e.g. use of other inks - much lower ink pricing than the ink in cartridges.
This T3100X printer uses a pigment black and CMY dye inks T49H in 140ml bottles, priced slightly higher than the Ecotank inks, and there is no T49H dye black ink. The T3100X printer is priced significantly higher than the correspoding T3100 - Epson's typical method as well with the ET...and L... series printers. This new T49H ink set adds to the already wide range of Epson bottled inks - 664, 106, and more as dye inks or 113 as pigment inks.
Epson does not make any promises in regards to the fading performance of this new dye ink - a reason to start a test - in some time