Epson Pro 3880 new maintenance tank T5820 not accepted by printer


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Jul 2, 2006
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Toronto, Canada
Users now need to appreciate and understand that all the while ARC chips/processors are all hacks. There is no guarantee that they will always work the way you think they should work even though they may have worked before.
The makers got them to work but that does not mean they will always work...even if the firmware/printer was not updated. And don't we know about firmware updates! All you need is to come upon a unique situation where it doesn't and who's to blame?

We've all accepted that even legit software designed when documentation of the OS exists and we ascribe this to "bugs" and we don't demand refunds. Some of the refilling community has yet to accept that ARC and self resetting chips are made where NO OFFICIAL documentation exists and a host of spying on the data lines and guessing what is happening is used to create a solution, provided they are sharp enough to interpret the lines. There will be so called "bugs". But bugs are not accepted as legit in the printer world. It must be a bad product.

The last 4 years has been nothing but trouble with chips, chips chips and nothing else. It has been hell.
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