Epson 1430 sudden complete clogging or air in print heads

Milton Mariano Castaño

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Aug 3, 2019
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Epson 1410
i had the same problem but only with the cyan with the epson 1410. the solution was easy to do but hard to find for me. after chek that the CISS and the cleaning station pump had no problems i unmount the headprint from the printer and with a syringe i inject ink in the cyan to check if it was clog but the cyan was not clog, all nozzels were ok. so the solution was to pump up - pump down whit the syringe to fill with ink the head and put out the air, this need to be done very gentle, there is no need to be rude at all with the presion, and the final pump need to be down, i repeat very gentle presion. i did this pump down-pump up maybe 5 times, dont remind very well, but after i install the head with the CISS i made the headcleaning automatic and the printer back to print the cyan perfect. I unmount the headprint print because is easy for me to do the pump but you can do without unmout the printhead puting paper down the headprint to absorb the ink. hope it help
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