Brother DCP-7060D - "No paper" error


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Apr 8, 2017
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Canon D1350, Canon IP6600D
Hi all:

I came across a Brother DCP-7060D. The page count is about 6500 pages.

It has two problems. The first problem is that it prints from the manual feed tray, but not from the main cassette.

When I try to print from the cassette, I hear what sounds like rollers moving and it sounds like it's trying to pick up paper, but failing. Then I get a "No paper" error on the LCD panel.

I'm used to replacing pickup rollers and/or separation pads for this type of problem. However, the pickup roller doesn't seem badly worn out. The separation pad on the tray is very smooth.

However, In a Youtube video I watched,
the host says it's caused by a bad feeder cam lever.

Anyone know what parts I should be checking/looking to replace on this?
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