1. soysauce

    Master List of Epson Refillable Cartridges

    I was planning to compile a list of all the empty, refillable ink cartridges currently available for Epson inkjet printers, including details about available chips (ARC or single use), compatible printers, and approximate price. Before starting, I wanted to ask, does such a list already exist...
  2. G

    Colours Wrong? Inconsistend colour balance? Refillable tank/cartridge?

    Post moved to "Everything else Inkjet related". Moderator, please remove this thread as I placed it in the wrong section in error and cannot delete it! Thank you. We got it covered...Moderator..
  3. D

    Availability of Refillable Cartridges

    I have noticed the new brother printer I was interested in had LC3017/3019 cartridges. Similarly, an Epson I was keen on has 802 cartridges. Neither seem to have refillable cartridges available. Do the printer companies regularly change their cartridge formats for new printers? Can we...
  4. G

    Recommendation: Best Black InkJet Printer for refilling? Low volume home use.

    I plan to buy refilling supplies for a printer I need to buy for home use. Which printer would you say is best for refilling? I print documents in black only, but I guess I will have to get a color ink-jet anyway. I don't print much, I have been refilling HP printers with black for a long...
  5. G

    Artisan 810 does not recognize carts only when all 6 in

    Hello All - It recognizes each individual cart, until all 6 are installed, then none. Bought self-resetting refillables recently. Started by replacing 1 OEM when it got low, worked fine. The recognition problem began when I tried installing all 6 refillables. Now it won't even recognize 6 new...