refillable cartridges

  1. D

    The missing color after cleaning mystery

    Ok the basic problem I have right now with my 1280 is this: First thing in the morning if I run a nozzle check I have only 2 jets missing on black and 4 or 5 missing on light magenta, the rest are perfect. I can print test chart after test chart without problems. BUT if I run a cleaning cycle...
  2. VintageGirl40s

    Hello from Southern U.S.

    Hi, I'm new here and want to know about refillable carts. I currently have No printer, but am considering ordering Epson XP-6000. I scrapbook and print a lot of pictures - refillable would be a big help. Does anyone know if this printer uses non-OEMs? Or can you recommend another good -...
  3. DonC

    Newbie experience with refillable carts (1430, precisioncolors inks)

    Hi all, I usually just lurk and have learned a lot from reading the forum. I thought I'd share my own observations after a year which basically confirm what many of the veteran experts have noted. I switched to a set of refillable carts after my original oem set ran out, obviously due to cost...
  4. PalaDolphin

    Old photographer interested in DIY printing

    I'm a semi-retired Software Engineer now focused on photography. I have quite a bit of camera equipment for someone on a fixed income; what can I say, it's the love of my life. I grew up at age 15 with a darkroom in the house I'd built myself, bulk loaded my own film, and printed my own...
  5. S

    Epson 11880 All Black Ink

    Hi, can anybody elaborate on the current situation of refillable cartridges for the Epson 11880? Is it still possible to use them? Does anyone have expierence is this field. This website for example writes that there a chip stability issues. Another...