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  1. P

    Pro-100 cyan ink transferring to light grey

    To preface, I am using a my pro-100 for art prints mostly. Using precision colors ink refills on OEM carts- printing on Epson photo matte. I noticed my black and white photos were printing with a blue-ish hue. I assumed that I may have dripped some cyan into my LGY while rotating carts. I...
  2. vienna01

    Canon Rebate DEALS Which One Pro 10 or Pro 100 ? Please guide me

    Sorry for my verbosity. I now have a MX922. Worked OK until now. I will need to have repaired.Problem is COMPLEX & I may have warranty still in effect. I am intrigued by the "deals" Canon Pro-10 & Pro-100 offer through end of Feb 2019, but can't decide between them. I ONLY really need a...
  3. PalaDolphin

    PC Ink Intensity -15

    @mikling may know the answer to this question for my Pro-100. Why must I set Intensity to -15 using Precision Colors' ink vs Canon? Here's the setting I'm referring to: Print dialog box -> Properties -> Main tab -> Color/Intensity -> Set -> Color Adjustment tab -> Intensity: -15. I'm not sure...
  4. PalaDolphin

    How is ink level determined?

    I have a noobie question for my Pro-100: How does the printer driver determine the ink level to report Estimated Ink Levels in the Ink Details dialog box under the Maintenance tab? So, I just learned about the prism at the bottom of the cartridge which determines if the reservoir is empty. And...
  5. PalaDolphin

    Always this messy?

    Two questions: 1. Did I overfill my cartridges? 2. What is the best way to adjust for Precision Colors' ink being a bit darker? I just ran out of the original Canon ink from my new Pro-100 and went to swap out all the carts with the ones I refilled with PC ink. I really didn't think I would...
  6. PalaDolphin

    I white line appeared.

    WTF? On my Pro-100. I've been so diligent about printing something every 60 hours and I get a white line on my last print. I did a Cleaning, not a Deep Cleaning, and it went away. But, I don't feel I needed to do that since I've been maintaining this printer very diligently. I keep a...
  7. PalaDolphin

    Mixing Canon and Precision Colors inks?

    The strategy that I'm most comfortable with, as explained by @jtoolman, is to swap out all ink cartridges once just one becomes low. This reduces the number of cleaning cycles run by the printer whenever even just one ink cartridge is replaced. For purposes of this discussion, "first carts"...
  8. PalaDolphin

    First Framed Pro-100

    My first framed print from my new Canon PIXMA Pro-100 printer. Title: Coffee on Beans Award: 9 of 10 from SPCC Category: Seen From Above
  9. PalaDolphin

    Buying Canon Pixma Pro-100

    ...soon. B&H has a $250 mail-in rebate good through May 31st for Canon printers (at least for the Pro-100 and Pro-10). I'm not quite ready for the Pro-10 but by my next paycheck I'll be able to afford the $379.99 and the six-week wait for the $250 rebate. No sales tax and free shipping. Then...
  10. T

    Rough move across country - Pixma Pro 100 alignment issues?

    I moved across the country about six months ago. Living in an apartment I didn't have room for my Pro 100, so I put it in storage for the duration. It was transported on a 24' truck, and I know for a fact it was bounced around and moved quite roughly (I'd like to forget the nightmare move). I...