pigment ink

  1. F

    Printer suggestion

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for a new printer, around 150€ without accesories (inks, refillable cartridges etc.) I need - pigment inks, automatic duplex, easy to refill I want (not necessary) - automatic scanner, borderless 4x6 photo print capabilities They have to be new so no salvaging on old...
  2. V

    Can EPSON L360 do pigment ink ?

    Dear guys, I'm planning to have my own t-shirt printing business. I have been researching this field for weeks and found out that pigment ink is a good choice for 100% cotton shirts. Unfortunately, finding a proper printer is really a pain. Then I came up with the L360 model, is that possible...
  3. craig carr

    Thinking of buying a Epson 1500w(1430) and not sure what ink to go for

    Hi guys, I was originally running a all in one epson xp-860 for printing off artwork in A4 which when it came to black(90% of my work) I was more than happy with. I ran a CISS in it and it worked a charm well except when I bought some poor pigment ink, the results were awful. Anyway. I got a...
  4. S

    Sourcing pigment ink for Epson Stylus Photo 1500w

    Hello all - first post After reading a lengthy thread from a couple of years back https://www.printerknowledge.com/threads/which-pigment-ink-for-epson-1500w.9323/ I took the plunge 6 months ago and sourced the means from coralgraph.com to push pigment ink through my Epson 1500w. I was getting...
  5. Daihen Zhu

    Using pigment UV ink with Epson L210

    Dear friends, I bought Epson L210 2 years ago. I really love it cause the printing costs are very cheap with ink tanks. However, when I printed on an A4 office papers, the prints will be dissolved when some of water dropped into it and I knew the reasons are the inks type of this printer is...