1. Senor_Roboto

    Canon MX922 Carriage out of phase.

    I had a fuzzy horizontal line during print-head alignment value print out. I removed right side cover of to get to the timing strip and was able to clean it. Being curious I turned the exposed gears with my fingers to see the operation of the mechanism. Now it won't initialize properly and I...
  2. vienna01

    Canon MX922 Is There Service Tool or Service Mode?

    Is there a service mode or service tool for Canon 922 ? If so Where to get tool or How to get service mode activated etc.
  3. vienna01

    Long Term Storage Canon MX922

    Sorry if this has been covered before. I wasn't able to find the cite. Suggestions for Preparing working well used Canon Pixma mx922 for long term storage. I cannot easily disassemble anything. If absolutely needed, I might buy empty carts and fill them with some preserving solution, prior to...
  4. vienna01

    Canon MX922- CLI-251 & PGI-250 Refillable Cartridges-Discount Source

    In Sept 2015 I purchased a set of empty refillable cartridges CLI-251 PGI-250 from Amazon;+ Seller= Horsence , Brand=F-INK, Price=$8.99 plus $4.99 shipping. Unfortunately the cartridges are now offered by same Seller at $15.99 plus Shipping. I believe this is still less than other offers at...
  5. T

    Canon MX922 - yellow prints by itself but not with other colors

    I'm trying to print a photo out today and found that the Yello ink was not printing out leaving everything with either red or blue tones from the other colors. I checked the ink cartridge and it wasn't empty, though not full either. i did 3 deep cleanings, 1 normal cleaning, and 1 alignment...