1. G

    HP Designjet 500 plus - magenta ink fails - but only on long prints

    Hello. I am wondering of anyone can guide me a little on this please. I have an HP Designjet 500 which is running still on original HP inks (albeit old ones) and generally speaking the printer produces excellent quality prints all things considered. About a month ago, for the first time ever...
  2. The Ragster

    Weird colour banding on Pro-1

    When I rebuilt my printer after fitting my Potty, the nozzle check and first prints were as perfect as before. Then I decided to do a A3+ (SuperB) print and noticed horizontal banding. It seems to be getting worse with every print. Attached are the new nozzle checks on both plain and Oyster...
  3. PalaDolphin

    Pro-100 Cyan lines :(

    I'm getting lines on a Nozzle Check on the Cyan print head only. HELP! I've tried a Deep Cleaning and a Print Head Alignment: Page 1: Page 2: So, I'm asking what should I try next? I haven't tried a Bottom Plate Cleaning nor a Roller Cleaning. The Pro-100 is new. I've used up the setup...